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Date Updated : 17 Jul 2024
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Brand : Constmach
Model : Bs-25 Beton Blok Makinası
Production Year : 2024
CONSTMACH Konkasör Tesisi ve Beton Santrali
Türkiye - İzmir - Kemalpaşa
Halilbeyli Bayosb Anadolu Cad. No:1 Bağyurdu Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Kemalpaşa / İzmir / TÜRKİYE
Ad Description

Concrete Block Making Machine (Brick Machine) For Sale - Call Us 24/7

The BS-25 concrete block making machine is designed to accelerate your operations and maximize your efficiency. Every detail of this machine incorporates functionality-enhancing technology and superior material quality. Weighing 9000 kg and measuring 2.2x7x2.5 meters, this machine can produce 25 interlocking blocks and complete a press cycle in just 30 seconds. For 10 blocks, the cycle time is 23 seconds, making it faster than many competitors in the market.

The BS-25 model is designed to minimize the challenges you might face in your daily workflow. For example, the hydraulic system uses Tellus 46 oil, ensuring longer uninterrupted operations, while the pump power and hydraulic cooling capacity provide effective performance under any workload.

One of the most striking features of this machine is its state-of-the-art control system. Equipped with a Schneider brand PLC and touchscreen, it offers easy and efficient control. This feature simplifies daily operations and enhances overall productivity.

The BS-25 allows for the production of blocks and interlocks using various molds. Lock molds prepared with oxygen cutting and CNC milling deliver perfectly dimensioned products, while the mixer uses corrosion-resistant sheet metal, ensuring durability and longevity. The mixer rapidly combines sand, cement, and water, increasing your operational efficiency.

In summary, the BS-25 concrete block making machine boosts your production capacity, strong performance, and user-friendly features to the next level. By integrating this machine into your operations, you can save time and costs while enjoying high-quality production.

BS-25 Brick Making Machine Technical Specifications

Machine Specifications

  • Interlock Number and Press Time: 25 units, 30-second press time
  • Block Pieces and Press Time: 10 blocks, 23-second press time
  • Pump Power: 48 lt/min, Efficiency: 0.98
  • Hydraulic Cooler Capacity: 90 lt/min, 0.18 kW
  • Hydraulic System Brand and Oil Capacity: Tellus 46, 180 lt
  • Machine Working Hydraulic Pressure: 120 bar
  • Vibration Compression Power: 13,000 kg
  • Machine Dimensions and Weight: 2.2 x 7 x 2.5 m, 9000 kg
  • Lock Mold Specifications: Oxygen cutting and CNC Milling, 650 kg
  • Block Mold Specifications: Corrosion plate, laser cutting system, 750 kg

Stacking Robot

  • Pump Power: 21 lt/min x 2
  • Robot Dimensions and Weight: 1.45 x 3 x 1.5 m, 1500 kg

Electrical Control

  • PLC, Module, and Screen: Schneider, 7-inch touch screen
  • Thermal and Conductor Brands: Schneider (France), Weid Moeller (Germany)

Mortar Conveyor

  • Dimensions: 8 m length, 70 cm width, 1000 kg


  • Mixer Capacity: 500 dm³
  • Product Weight and Mixing Time: 800 kg sand, 130 kg cement, 55 kg water, Average 2.5 minutes
  • Corrosion Protection Sheet: 15 mm thickness, ST52 steel
  • Mixer Motor Power and Torque: 15 kW, 40 rpm x 2 pcs, 4500 Nm

Sand Conveyor

  • Dimensions and Weight: 10 m length, 60 cm width, 1000 kg

Aggregate Hopper and Weight Band

  • Hopper Capacity and Weight: 10m³ x 3 pcs, 4500 kg
  • Valve Type and Power: Vibration system, 0.5 kW x 3
  • Conveyor Belt Size and Weight: 10 m length, 70 cm width, 1400 kg

Cement Silo and Equipment

  • Silo Capacity and Weight: 45 tons, 5500 kg
  • Silo Dimensions: Diameter: 2250 mm, Height: 11500 mm
  • Cement Weight Capacity: 300 kg
  • Load Cell Brand and Capacity: ESIT, 500 kg
  • Safety Valve and Filter Specifications: 24 m² open area filter (airjetplus)