اتفاقية المستخدم

İf you want to take advantages of makinecim.com, you need to be a member of this page. To be a member of makinecim.com, you need to fulfill the conditions below;

1. This membership agreement (called Contract), will be reached between the person, legal person/institution (called user or users) and makinecim.com, during the registration process.
2. To be a member of makinecim.com, you have to fill in the membership agreement. The user has to accept every condition written in this paper. The subjects should be filled in, clearly and completely while entering the informations.
3. The users automatically are expected to accept and confirm every subject in this contract.
4. This membership occurs electronically,so, a contract will be formed as soon as the user completes the member application and makinecim.com accepts this application. Rights and responsibilities get into force with a mutual acceptance.
5. Makinecim.com has a right to change the contract unilateral.
6. Unless it is stated otherwise, the payment can be made with dollar, Euro or Turkish lira.
7. Makinecim.com cannot be used politically or offensively
8.İt isn’t allowed to share illegally, immoral or offensive advertisements via makinecim.com. İf this happens, your personal user or usersinformations will be given to the corresponding authorities.
9. Makinecim.com respects every users personal and privacy rights. Except in statement 8, personal infos won’t be given to any kind of institutions.
10. Makinecim.com has a right to end a membership, without an explanation.
11. Makinecim.com has a right to reserveinformations of members whose membership ended or has to be ended.
12. Makinecim.com takes no responsibilities, in case your personal informations will be used for bad aims after an attack to the database.

13. The goal of makinecim.com is it to give users the opportunity, to advertise and share it in the internet. No matter if the service -offer, communication way or members inputs, makinecim.com takes no responsibilities legally in any procedure between the users, except in some particular situations.
14. An infringement to the name right and trademark right as well as to use any application way for unfair competitions is forbidden.
15. The copyright and right to work, won’t be abused in any kind of operation and software. Copyrights and human rights are in members responsibilities,so, a recourse to makinecim.com is impossible.
16. Makinecim.com has nothing to do with the transactions,so, by confirming the membership agreement and being a member, the users are expected not to hold makinecim.com workers responsible or not to claim compensation for the conflicts and their consequences like claims, requests, damage declaration. Additionally, makinecim.com is expected to be exempted of every kind of request from third persons or institutions.
17. Makinecim.com has a right unilaterally to dismiss members( temporarily), without permission or any prior warning,who make fraudulent, political, religious, incomplete or false statements.
18. Problems like power cut, hardware problems, infrastructure problems, natural disaster and so on are completely normal, so makinecim.com cannot give an official guarantee otherwise.
19. Makinecim.com and the user are legally independent. There isn’t any kind of business partnership between them.
20.Only one advertisement is allowed for one product. So, by any repetition, your membership will be stopped.
This membership agreement, consisting of 20 statements, applies to both sides. İn case there occurs a foreignness/strangeness by managing legal relationships , the Turkish laws will be applied, except of the conflict rules of the Turkish law. Every kind of conflict, occurred because of this contract, is authorized by Konya Courts and Levy departments.