سياسة الخصوصية

We accept and try to ensure your personal privacy rights as makinecim.com. Definitions about the security of your personal informations are stated and given to your information below. Every member on makinecim.com has a right for privacy.
Your e-mail address won’t be distributed to other institutions, except of the scopes and designated aims.
Personal informations; includes every kind of informations about your name- surname, firm, phone number, e-mail address. According to our privacy policy, your personal information won’t be shared with third persons or other firms, independent from makinecim.com, except it is written otherwise. Hence, this situations are limited,namely;
The obligation to comply the laws, decrees, regulations and so on, set by the legal authority; To fulfill, and get the requirements given in the membership agreement of makinecim.com in force;To request informations about the executive aims of researches or investigations leaded by a competent administrator and judicial authority; Finally, situations in which it is necessery to give informations about users security protections and rights.
Your personal informations won’t be published to other members without your permission. This infos are hidden and just visible for makinecim.com worker.
Only you can reach the information, you entered in makinecim.com. İt isn’t possible for other members to enter and change your infos.
You can conceal your personal informations during the registration, as long as it isn’t obligatory required. İf there are informations you don’t want to share, you don’t have to fill in or mark the related part.
Makinecim.com takes no responsibilities, when your database gets attacked, your personal informations captured and used.
“Cookies” is a word disposed by the web-page server to define your folder. Some parts of our webpage use cookies to provide a user simplicity. İn addition, cookies and web- beacons can be used to collect ad datas, via available advertisements. This needs your permission, if not, you can change your browser settings and block this process.
İnternational Connection
Like every web-page, makinecim.com gives links to a lot of different webpages,too. Even so, makinecim.com is not responsible for any otherpage. This process is legally seen as a so called “referring process”.
Google private search
Makinecim.com has a right to change and publish the privacy policy every time. The rules which were changed in the privacy policy, are expected to be accepted as soon as they were published on makinecim.com.