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1) B5A completely ecological and botanical orijinlidir. (Completely herbal and organic ingredients are used in making B5A.)
2) because of the special soil and plant B5A masonry of the formula, as soon as the effect of özündeki organic gübredir that one.
3 there is no other in the world), or its equivalent coefficient. Because
A: Soil organizmal and mikroorganizmal increases vigor.
B: to be processed by organizmal and mikroorganizmal of the soil organisms.
C: Clearincreasing soil organisms naturally gübrelenmesi. For example, the amount of land that a worm in a year at a time is equal to the amount of land that a tractors was launched.
4 because of chemical fertilizers used for many years in the soil), unconsciously accumulated chemicals in the chemical birikintinin h?zland?r?larak fragmentation.
5) is the only product that allows the world as soon as organic gübredir organic.
providing organic agriculture as soon as 6)the only organic gübredir alternatifsiz.
7) or less in use certainly does not hurt phlodentron.
8) is the only organic Soil water level gübredir that minimizes.
9) that increases the strength of the heat and cold against gübredir the first and only organic.
the development of all kinds of chemical factors, including the plant 10) ket stroke removes the factors.
the only use of Fertilizer which eliminates much diversity 11) gübredir. Both root and leaf and can be used for product development.
12) as the top and bottom fertilizer in the worldand all kinds of plants and the only organic gübredir the tree.

There are a number of inventions in the world that does not olmazlardand?r.The presence of the stone age, the presence of a fire, the wheel, remove the water, the reduction of the presence of the enunciation, force, the presence of a living world that everything such as;, each entity is bulu?lard?r have to accept willingly or unwillingly.
The following reasonsworld agriculture sector has started a number of trials to occur
There are a number of inventions in the world that does not olmazlardand?r.The presence of the stone age, the presence of a fire, the wheel, remove the water, the reduction of the presence of the enunciation, force, referring everything in the world, such as the enunciation; varl???nister would not want to bulu?lard?r all kabuletmek.
The following reasons you still have a team in the world agriculture sector investigations.

First, the ozone layer started to y?rt?lmas?yla.With the impact of global warming, melting polar.Groundwater is very deep to come down, irregular rainfall, disaster-level extreme events often kar??la??lmaya.
These events are not necessarily in the creation of each sector's share.S?nayi waste, chemical waste is currently the largest global ?s?nmada vs. 87% based on agriculture with chemicals and the denominator is incorrect agricultural practices.Fieldmy chemical fertilizers for more product for forest burning, excessive use of chemical agriculture ilaçlar?nda excessive replication, etc.
Most importantly, the increase in cancer cases in the last two years (2007)% 339 of the purchase price.According to his research, Nasan?n after 30 years will turn into a desert Turkey quite ...Over the last 10 years thousands of dunam of land remain unavailable, Nigde, Nevsehir territory agriculture closure;Opium;Konya is a lot like being at risk, as well as the territory of the region: the lands of Turkey tar?m?ndakirlendi that, although organic farming is almost impossible.Land organizmal (worm, insect, bird, etc.), and in particular mikrooganizmal its not at all.Mountain and forest soil enriched agricultural fields, why fakirle?iyor?Normally a plant receives energy from the soil, as well as a 15% with 3% and grow the amount of product output.Dump the rest of the leaf and plant residues with stubble.Whereas a plant receives energy from the Sun more than 3 times the soil.That is, the ecological balance of the soil verimsizle?mesitimeless impossible.Chemical fertilizer used in agriculture and drugs brought the end of the mikroorganizmal soil organisms.Soil organic and inorganic substances are now returning, mineral salt, lime, etc. can't decompose the graph in.
Today, the territory of Turkey and the world constantly as the indirect and direct contaminates. Industrial residue and particulate, chemical weapons, an irreversible path of land reclamation work in the soil.
For example, 1 lt water 20 g detergent and soil turning the Earth 23renatüre (repair) itself over the years. Looking at the World of work in our country as the first vehametine to the pollution produced in the emerging importance of B5A's belt.
scales to yetebilecek square meters with 1 lt B5A 6500. Aerobic and Anerobik (air and water), ventilatory PPLO (micro plasma) that bacteria and its variants. PPLO and bacteria dipeptit-of tripeptide-polypeptide, protein chains based on the basis of a system with the highest life processes within the extension.Approximately 11 kinds of bacteria and the number of the specific antibodies cannot be detected in içeriktedir PPLO
B5A group mikroorganizmal soil solution;
As soon as you have the ability to reclaim the soil.
For years the chemical Activator and pesticides used in the contents of special microorganisms activation (activity) and birikintilerini that the only product.
All types of soil and can provide all sorts of plants in ecological and organic product
Topra??n?z?nminimizes the loss of water.Each year, declining 28% increase up to the late ürününüzde. Each year, about half the expenses increased 38% with 20% of the fertilizer.
Plant and product development by speeding up the time and saves energy.
Plant and increases the resistance against heat and cold of the product.
Land to fallow and other land held by the continuous aktivasyonda eliminates resting.

ISO 9001 certificate
Organic Fertilizer Registration Certificate
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Layout Norvest (Microbiological) Analysis Report
Layout Norvest (Chemical) Analysis Report
Ministry of agriculture and Rural Affairs License Document

Agricultural chemicals (pharmaceutical, fertilizer) used in the production of the negative effects of increased losses on human and public health when working with himself. All these negative effects, with the aim of eliminating chemical fertilizer and agricultural war medicine ever or using as little as possible, replace themthe same task by organic fertilizer developed based on ecological agriculture system to retrieve methods. 2008 chemical fertilizer use yasaklanacakt?r.