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Lube oil, which is one of the products obtained by processing crude oil in refineries, is subjected to special processes again and base oils which are raw materials are obtained. these oils are classified according to their viscosity.

It is not possible to obtain all mineral oils directly.


Mineral oil production plant Two main substances are needed for mineral oil production.

* Base oil, SN150 - SN500 crude base oil

* Chemical Mixing Agents


Lube Oil Blending Plant

After aiming the oil to be produced, the base oil is selected in the appropriate density, the chemical substance is prepared to be mixed and the mixture is sent to the base oil in the production mixer by pump.

Production is completed by mixing in a production mixer at a certain temperature for a certain period of time.

The base oil should be selected according to the specified mineral oil number.


Lube oils ; The base oils of different viscosity are selected according to the properties expected from the product, obtained by mixing various additives.


Automotive Oils; Engine oils, Gear, Bearing and bearing oils, Transmission oils, Machine oils, Greases, Fully synthetic oils are produced in this plant.


Industrial Oils; Heat treatment oils, Metal, Leather and Textile processing oils, Hydraulic oils, Transmission and Guideway oils, Rust preventive and solvent preparation oils, Fully synthetic industrial oil is produced


Equipment to be available in mineral oil production facility; Having a board for the production of mineral oil

1.) Raw Material Tanks

2.) Finished Tanks

3.) Production Mixers

4.) Plant Process and Automation Operations

5.) Stock Area

6.) Automatic or semi-automatic filling machines

7.) Circulation and discharge pumps

8.) Laboratory and test equipment

9.) Scales and scales