7 Different Toys

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Date Updated :16 Jun 2021
Ad Description
We sell each mold. Not as a set.
Only big plane and ambulance are each 18.000 TL.
Other molds each 15.000TL.
Elephant: 1 full product each time. Weight:93gr
Truck: 1 full product each time. Weight:144gr
Dog: 1 full product each time. Weight:108gr
Minibus: 1 full product each time. Weight:120gr
Small plane: 5 molds. Propeller: 16 cavities,Wheel: 16 cavities. Weight:71gr
Wheel apparatus: 22 cavities, Back Wheel: 8 cavities
Ambulance: 2 molds. Upper Side: 2 cavities. Lower Chassis: 2 cavities. Weight:103gr
Big Plane: 1 full product each time. Except bigger wheels. Weight:149gr
Wheel mold: You can use with 5 of the models. Except elephant and dog.
But If you make elephant and dog molds pins bigger you can also use.