Enriching Metal Ore Without Using Cyanide For Gold and Silver

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Date Updated : 01 Mar 2024
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Garanti Ultrasonik
Türkiye - İstanbul - Gaziosmanpasa
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A groundbreaking technology in enriching all kinds of metal ores. We speed up the flotation process in the leach tank by five times with ultrasonic wet grinding and micro grinding. To process the ore of the metal mine, you need to reduce the particle size to 25-50 micrometers. This process of mixing the dry ground raw material with water and cyanide in the leach tank by a two-bladed engine power and processing the sludge takes 80-100 days. Because it increases the cost to process the product for such a long time, they see a processing time of 40 to 60 days as sufficient and terminate the process. Due to keeping the processing time of the product short, it is not possible for them to get 100% of the metal ore in the product (sludge), they are happy to get up to 50% of the ore in the sludge. Then they try to dry tons of sludge in waste pools the size of a football field in the sun.

Guarantee is an ultrasonic technology research company. As a result of its R&D studies, it speeds up the processing time of the raw material in the leach tank by five times. You can process 10 tons per hour, 240 tons in 24 hours. 2,400 tons in 10 days, 7,200 tons in 30 days.

Enriching Ore Without Cyanide, Quickly Enriching Ore Using Ultrasonic