Términos de uso

Makinecim.com,has a right to use and save every kind of information and data. Before being an active user of this page, please read the terms of use carefully.

The possessor of Makinecim.com has also a right to use and save every kind of information, thus, İf you enter and use this site, you are expected to accept the rules of our contract. İn addition, Makinecim.com has a right to replace and change every part of the content, İncluding the contract terms, site and every requirement and information of the extensions of our page. The changes will get into force with the publication.
İn case of a dispute after entering and using this page, the courts in Konya are entitled to investigate and enter a legal process.
Makinecim.com always controls the accuracy and actuality of the included informations. Despite of a careful work, sometimes the actual changes cannot be followed  byinformations on our web page. Every materiel and information is published as soon as it is on our page, still, there is a possibility that the status on our page is not exactly like the related service.There is no explicit or implicit guarantee or commitment for the actuality, accuracy, conditions, quality, performance, marketability, expediency of our informations, as well as the completeness, service, connected or unconnected infoson makinecim.com.
Changing right of the web page
Makinecim.com keeps the right for a reorganization, broadcasting inhibition as well as every kind of products change, service, page using conditions and informations without a warning. The changes will get into force with the publication. As soon as you enter and use the page, you are expected to accept this changes. This rules are also valid for other link given pages.
Makinecim.com takes no responsibilities for mistakes, negligence, interruptions, delay of the procedure, communication failures, thievery, exterminations or unauthorized publishing, changing and using, as a result of breaching the contract, tort, negligence or other causes.
To link a Web-page
İt is possible to link other web pages via makinecim.com, but there is no commitment or guarantee of the accuracy for otherinformations. Every kind of damage by using this pages, is under the users responsibility.
Warning, related to intellectual property rights
The protection of informations, writings, pictures, brands, slogans, other marks and intellectual properties is under control of makinecim.com. İt is forbidden online or by using another media to deliver, distribute, sell the software, web- page and every kind of database and information, like to copy, change, publish the informations on this web-page before receiving a written consent from makinecim.com. İt is possible to copy and print the informations on this page partly, in case, it is a non-commercial and personal necessity.
To limit the responsibilities
Makinecim.com is not responsible for any damages in case of breaching the contract, unfair actions or other reasons after entering this web-page and using some infos and other programs. İt also doesn’t take responsibilities, by being interrupted during the procedure, mistakes, negligence as a result of breaching the contract, unjust action,negligence or other reasons. Makinecim.com takes no responsibilitiesfor court and other expenses,by problems after  linking and entering the linked web-pages as well.
The legal liability of the completeness and stableness of the content, and the accuracyof the informations as well as publishing this informations, is under the users responsibility. Makinecim.com isn’t responsible for any mistakes, deficiencies or a contradiction against the rules, regulated by the laws.