Steam Cleaner 9 Lt Tank 220v

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Model :0018
Production Year :2018-2019
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Date Updated :23 Apr 2021
Ad Description

Steam Cleaning Machine 10 BAR 220 V Steam Cleaning Machine Hec Makina Steam cleaning is a machine that can be used in various places. The aim is to provide hygiene and to clean with the power and pressure of steam without using water without pollution. Advantages Provides a hygienic cleaning as all germs are killed. It does not require rinsing after cleaning. Provides cleaning without leaving stains. If you clean a surface with water, there would definitely be a stain. With the pressure of the steam and the power of the temperature, it loosens the dirt on the surface and allows you to clean without using chemicals. Areas to be used: We produced this machine especially as Hec Makina Chemistry to clean the exterior of honeycombs (inside the grills) and we knew that it is actually used in many sectors. Please watch the videos of the applications. For technical support, you can reach us at 05464214985. Features 10 bar vapor pressure 220 v 50 hz Its steam does not end, it does not leave you halfway where you go. Thanks to the turbo mode, it shortens the heating time. 9.8 lt storage You can use the product as moist steam when you want, as dry steam.