Ink Cup 2 Colors Pad Printer With Shuttle

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Model :YYC 225-90
Production Year :2017
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Two-color, moving ramp, indoor Bowl, tampon printing machine.

Electronic control panel can be changed easily, thanks to its printing processes.
Thanks to the reduced consumption of ink off the jar, as well as within the paint, the paint vizkozitesinin solventlerin buharlaşmasını preventing at the same time, constantly changing environment by blocking this prevents employees provides an environment for healthy kokusunuda paint.
Cliche tank right left gidebilmekte and dönebilmektedir ±10 ° around its own axis.
Printtablasının in all directions, which can be easily set up the movement of the X, Y, Z.
At the same time can turn around its own axis ± 15 °.
In cases where you want to be more örtücü the press twice on the paint on the material Silicon klişeden.
Pneumatic values each movement (silicone's forward-back, up-down and right-left shift; materyelin) allows us to control.
If you are prompted to do so after the printing material is provided on cold weather üfletilerek printing faster dry.
Cliché size/size of plate: 100x225/(mm)
Bowl diameter: 90 mm
Print speed/print speed: 800-1600 (hour/piece)
Machine size/machine size Lxwxh: 79x42x135 (cm)
Net weight/net wight: 110 kg
Air pressure/air pressure: 4-6 kg/㎡
Power/power: 220V 50 Hz 50W

Warranty: 1 YılStok status: VarFiyatı: TLKdv rate: 18% HariçKdv Amount from 5000.00: 1260,00 TLToplam: 8260,00 €
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500 kg.