Ultrasonic System To Prevent Clogging Of Sieve Cloth For Sale

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Date Updated : 23 Apr 2024
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Production Year : 2022
Garanti Ultrasonik
Türkiye - İstanbul - Gaziosmanpasa
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Micronized Circular Sieve (Belly Dancer Sieve)

With Micronized Circular Sieves, materials ranging from 5000 microns to 160 microns can be sifted.
With the sieves, not only heavy mineral materials like Dolomite, Calcite, Kaolin, Feldspar, Gypsum, Olivin, Graphite, Coal, Basalt, Talc, Bentonite (cat litter), Quartz, Pumice, etc., but also fish feed, grains, flour, animal feeds, spices, cereals, EPS foam, plastic etc. light particles can be sifted.

100% Dustproof Body Design, silicone is used for sealing in our sieves. Sieves using silicone cause labor and material waste with every sieve change.
The large-diameter pneumatic lifting system we designed has minimized sieve change time.
It tightens the sieve layers with average clamps. Thus, sieve exit directions can be changed whenever desired.

High Sifting Precision, Up to 99% Efficiency

3 Dimensional Adjustable Movement, Low Acceleration

Maximum Feeding Capacity 25 Tons/Hour

Ø1000 mm – Ø2600 mm. We have manufacturing in the desired diameters.

According to the number of layers requested, 2 to 5 types of products.

Polyurethane Ball System to Prevent Sieve Clogging

This system is produced for vibrating powder sifting machinery because it prevents the clogging of sieve cloth. By giving vibration with the ultrasonic device mounted on the middle circle of vibrating belly dancer sieves, the clogging problem is eliminated.

Industries of use:
Dairy Processing Industry, Feed Industry, Cleaning Industry, Cement and Sand, Environmental Protection Industry, Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Cosmetic Industry, Recycling Industry, Plastic Material Industry, Agricultural Industry, Confectionery Industry, Spice and Green Vegetables, Cement and Sand, Metal Processing Industry, Diamond Cutting and Processing, Liquid and Powder Paint Industry, Mining Industry, Abrasives, Woodworking, Quartz, Feldspar, Talc, Calcite, Gypsum, Dolomite, Shavings, Sandblasting machine facilities, magnesium powder sifting, aluminum oxide sieve, ultrasonic sieve, circular sieve, industrial sieve, mining sieve, aluminum powder, metal powder sifting, copper powder sifting, brass powder sifting, stainless powder sifting, magnesium powder sifting, titanium powder sifting, gold powder sifting, silver powder sifting

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