Ultrasonıc Sonıcator 1500 Watts

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Date Updated : 13 Apr 2024
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Brand Sono Mekanik
Model : SONOMİX-1500W
Production Year : 2020
Sono Mekanik Ultrasonik Cihazlar ve Sıvı İşleme makineleri
Türkiye - İstanbul - Gaziosmanpaşa
Hürriyet Mah. 256. Sk. No:10 (Şafak Hastanesi sokağı) Gaziosmanpaşa / İSTANBUL
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WE MANUFACTURE FOR YOU AT EVERY FREQUENCY AND EVERY POWER AND WE WILL BE PROUD TO WORK WITH YOU. Ultrasonic Dispersion and Deagglomeration; SONOMEKANIK ultrasonic homogenizers can be easily integrated for process or laboratory use. Dispersion of solids in liquid is one of the important applications of ultrasonic devices. Ultrasonic cavitation produces high force and ensures the fragmentation of lumps. Mixing powders into liquid is a common method used in the formulation of various products such as paint, ink, shampoo, beverage. Individual particles have a gravitational effect that keeps them held together in accordance with various physical and chemical laws, including the "Van der Waals" law and the law of liquid surface tension. This effect is stronger in high viscosity liquids such as polymers or resins. This gravitational force effect must be overcome to disperse the particles in the liquid medium. Ultrasonic Dispersion into Liquids Application of mechanical stress breaks the particle agglomerates. Different technologies have been used to dissolve powders in liquid. Among these, we can mention high pressure homogenizers, mixers, jet mills and rotor-stator mixers. High-intensity ultrasonic processing is an interesting alternative for these technologies. When liquids are sonicated, sound waves propagating into the liquid medium form high pressure (compression) and low pressure (dilution) cycles. This creates a mechanical stress on the electrostatic forces. (Van der Waals force). Ultrasonic cavitation in liquids causes liquid jets to form at a speed of 1000km/h (approx. 600mph). These jets separate the particles from each other at high pressure. Smaller particles are accelerated by the liquid jets and collided at high speeds. This enables the ultrasonic method to be used as an effective tool not only for dispersion separation, but also for grinding and introducing particles in micron and submicron size. Robust and Easy to Clean; Sonotrode transmitted into the liquid with ultrasonic energy. This is a rotationally symmetrical part, typically machined from titanium. This is also just the moving/vibrating wetted part. It is the only part subject to wear and can be easily replaced in minutes. Oscillation-splitting flanges allow mounting the sonotrode in any orientation in open or closed pressurable vessels or flow cells. Does not require bearings. All other wetted parts are usually made of stainless steel. Flow cell reactors have simple geometries and are easily disassembled and wiped. It has no small holes or hidden corners at all.

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