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Date Updated : 21 Feb 2024
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Brand Kobastar
Model : Tsd
Production Year : 2022
Kobastar Elektronik Tır Kantarları - Loadcell
Türkiye - Konya - Karatay
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TSD Digital Loadcell

OIML R60 C5 Certified

TSD Digital loadcell is a pressure type digital load cell made of high quality stainless steel.

It can be used in vehicle scales, wagon scales, tank and silo weighing.

TSD Digital loadcell measurement area is covered with stainless steel pipes and covers in order not to be damaged by environmental factors, it is protected by laser welding and it is made dust and waterproof (IP68).

With the embedded ADC and Microprocessor communication card inside the TSD Digital loadcell body, the load cells communicate digitally with the weighing indicator via RS485.

Armored cables used as standard are more resistant to external factors and provide protection from rodents such as mice.

With 2 IP68 connectors on it, the cables connect the load cells in a chain way, so there is no need to use an external collection box.

Working with Kobastar KD series digital indicator, TSD Digital load cell corner adjustments are easily made digitally via the indicator.

TSD Digital Loadcell Advantages

It is under constant control with high-level error reporting, and in case of any error, immediate intervention can be made.

If you replace the defective one with a new one, there is no need to recalibrate.

It can be used for years without any problems with the corner adjustment made by software.

In TSD Digital load cell, the analog signal formed by the strain is sent to the A/D converter right next to it and then to the microprocessor inside the load cell, so there is no signal loss since the analog signal is not carried over a long distance.

It has higher precision and accuracy, less error percentages.

You can contact our sales engineers to get technical support about your Digital Load Cells, weighing and Force test applications, and you can be sure that our experienced sales team will assist you by phone and email or in the application field to support you in all matters.


Capacity options from 20 tons to 100 tons

Welded sealed body IP68

Digital system that eliminates to the collection box

Fast communication RS485

Corner adjustment via the indicator

Daisy chaining with IP68 connectors

Complete stainless steel construction

high sensitivity


– Truck scales

– Tank and Silo weighing

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