Traditional Mortar Plastering Pump (Piston Plastering Machine),  Mk-100

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Piston Plastering Machine,  Mk-100

Material Used         : Sand, Cement, Lime
Pumping Capacity : 30 -60 – 90 – 1/min
Pumping Pressure : 40 bar
Pumping Distance : 100m – 150m
Pumping Height : 80m – 100m
Operation                       : 400 V, 50 Hz
Pump Motor : 5.5 kW
Vibrator Screen : 8mm
Mixer Motor : 2.2 kW
Control Panel             : 24 V
Compressor Capacity: 2.2 kW, 350 1/min
Remote Control : Manual
Material Outlet                : 2”
Gear                         3
Geared Boiler System
Torsion Axle System
Smart Shutdown System
Reinforced Bed System

It is used for plastering of buildings with a maximum height of 20-22 floors.
Items to be Delivered Alongside the Machine:

Tool Bag, Wrench Set, Grease Pump, Concrete Injection Hose 50 meters, 10 mm Air Hose 52 meters, Electric Cable 33 meters, Spray Gun, Replacement Parts 1 Set

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Additional Features That Make Our Machine Different;
Gear: You can adjust the speed according to the working area.
Torsion Axle System - It is a structure used to provide road holding and springing of the machine during transportation.
Automatic Shutdown with Air
Intelligent Shutdown System - It provides automatic shutdown of the machine by sensing the pressure in the mortar hose. This feature prevents the risk of a possible work accident.
Withdrawal Feature - In case of clogging of the mortar hose, the pressure in the hose is removed.
24 Volt Operator Control Panel - This feature prevents operator exposure to electrical current
Special Protection Systems for Electric Motors - It protects motors and machinery at high amperes thanks to phase protection systems and thermals.