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Solid Fuel Fired Steam Boilers

steam boilers which are manufactured with sophisticated engineering knowledge produce steam in the safetiest and the most economic way.

Certified in accordance with 2014/68/EU PED and delivered with CE sign.

ALL IN ONE type package steam boiler including its all necessary equipment.

User friendly control panel offers easy operation. Safe at blackout.

Manufactured according to customer request at the capacities ranging from 50 kg/h steam  to 15 000 kg/h steam and at the operation pressure ranging from 0.5 bar to 20 bar.

Designed for using Coal, Wood, Wood Chips, Biomass, Pellet, Prina.

Preloading Solid Fuel Fired Steam Boiler (400 kg/h -3000 kg/h)

Preloading Solid Fuel Fired Steam Boiler has automatic fire control system.

It can be easily operated by manually loading fuel twice or three times a day

It doesn't need operator handle after loading fuel

Combustion in furnace is controlled according to steam pressure by its control system

Safe at black out with its self combustion control. It is not necessary to be removed fire from combustion chamber during blackout

Capacity Range

Manufactured according to customer request at the capacity range from 400 kg/h steam  to 3000 kg/h steam at the operation pressure from 0.5 bar to 20 bar

Fuel Type



Wood chips


In the size of +40 mm

Standard Operation Accessories

Boiler body

PLC control panel

Nice operation instructiun on anodized aluminum

Combustion air fan

Combustion air flap and its servo-motor

Integrated condensate tank

Boiler feed pump

Pump valves, check-valve, air-went valve, pressure gauge

Main steam valve

Air-went valve

Bottom blow-down valve

Surface blow-down valve

Water level controller

Water level gauge

Pressure controller

Pressure gauge

Condensate tank valves and water level gauge

Condensate tank water level controller

Standard Safety Accessories

Safety valves

Safety pressure controller

Electrodes for critic water level

Electrodes for low water level in condensate tank

Steam temperature controller

Flue gas temperature controller

Pump subpressure controller

Pump super pressure controller

Overload protection system for pump motor

Phase protection relay

Alarm light and buzzer

Optional Accessories

Modulating feed water system

Automatic bottom blowdown

Automatic surface bowdown

Steam flowmeter

Steam flowrate control system

Water softener

Feed water dosage pump

Compact deaerator

Hot water heat exchanger

Steam head

Steam separator

Flus gas duct and chimney

Computer aided control and remote control system

Operation features

Safe at black out with its self combustion control. It is not necessary to be removed fire from combustion chamber during blackout

Automatic combustion control according to steam pressure. Safety operation.

All combustible gasses coming from fuel can be fired in specially designed fire cell with high efficieny

There are no unburned hydro-carbons in flue gas, which offers extra efficiency and low fuel consumption

Soot is never seen in flue gas during operation of boiler

Automatic control of each boiler parameter seperatly

High efficiency

Environment friendly operation

Very very low flue gas emmission according to international regulations

Every kind of solid fuel in the size of +40 mm can be burned on stoker system

Manufacturing features

Manufactured with high quality  certified boiler sheet in accordance with EN 12953

High quality welded or seamless boiler tubes certified according to pressure group

Special turbulators placed in boiler tubes, made from AISI 316 stainless steel

All weldings are made by welders certified in accordance with EN 9606-1

All weldings are controlled by NDT technicians and UT test is applied to a certain percentage of them

Whole body is painted double coat with heat resistant paint

Insulated with rock wool and covered color galvanized sheet

Combustion chamber door covered with ceramic blanket and coated fluid glass, resisting up to 1250 °C

Ceramic gasket is used for door and covers sealings against gas leakage

Handhole and manhole (if the shell diameter more than 1400 mm) on it offers easy cleaning of water side

Mounted on power pedestal

warranty extendable up to 5 years

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