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The user of the FOODMAK shop coffee roasting machine can control the roasting process at every step to achieve the best result in coffee, so drum fan speed adjustment, drum speed adjustment and mixer speed adjustment are among the features we offer to the standard. available in all our shop-type machines.
FOODMAK coffee roasting machines have an automatic ignition system and gas control is made directly from the panel located on the control panel, and in the event of a flame failure, the gas is cut automatically and you can activate it by resetting it on the reset button on the panel.
The FOODMAK coffee roasting machines are fully adjustable flame lengths that can gradually reduce or increase the flame according to the coffee roasting stages.
FOODMAK coffee roasting machines are available in six different models with batch sizes from 1 to 20 kg.


Flame length adjustment  Thanks to the special button on the control panel, we can gradually increase or decrease the flame length.
Digital time and temperature display  We can see that we are in the second minute of coffee roasting, when we enter the set value, it warns us with the warning sound that the coffee has reached the degree of cooking.
Easy to empty cyclone chamber  Thanks to the practical detachable cyclone reservoir, we can empty the dandruff easily. The water produced as a result of smoke output and perspiration does not come out.
Simultaneous roasting and cooling  While the roasting process continues, the coffee poured into the mixer in the previous roasting process can be cooled simultaneously.
Adjustable drum speed You can adjust the drum speed automatically at any time.
Adjustable drum fan speed  We can adjust the amount of air we draw in the drum during the cooking stages of the coffee, which allows us to better adjust the aroma structure of the coffee.  
Adjustable mixer speed   We can increase or decrease the mixer speed during the cooling process, this process allows us to adjust the speed so as not to break the coffee according to the roasting darkness of the coffee bean.
Roasting observation window You can control the color change of coffee during roasting.
Flame control observation window  You can visually check the size of the flame.
Gas safety system As a result of the flame of the gas burner being extinguished for any reason, the system ensures that the gas passage is closed.
Double wall drum     The drum material is made of two-layer, carbon alloy steel and has 5mm air gap in between, This space allows the air to move freely between the two layers, and warms the inner drum more evenly and evenly, resulting in an even roasting. Only 33% of the drum capacity is filled with green coffee, which allows the coffee to mix more easily and roast homogeneously in the drum.
Burner type: polidoro atmospheric burner is used. It can be used in premix burner according to customer request.
Body coating:  Stainless steel is used. Additionally, copper and brass can be used optionall

PLC Control System            
Automatic Product Loading             
Destoner to separate stone or foreign material