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Works that recycling machines can do,

1-Metal Scrap and Cars

Metal-containing products are mainly used as secondary raw materials. Very durable shredding tools are required to reduce the volume. The automatic reversing function also protects the blades from breakage. FE and non-ferrous metals are valuable resources for the recycling process in steel mills and foundries.

Our strengths in this area
car bodies
engine blocks
Aluminum wheels and profiles
Household appliances
mixed scrap

2- Waste and Plastic

Waste generated by businesses and private households includes many different types of materials, such as plastic, wood, paper, cardboard, glass or metal. In addition to ideal shredding, effective separation of metal-containing materials is of particular interest. Due to its high calorific values and low compostable content, this material can be processed for the recovery of substitute fuels.

Our strengths in this area
Domestic and industrial waste
Mattresses and carpets
Plastics and Large Packages
paper and cardboard

3- Biomass and Green Waste

The terms green waste and biomass refer to all organic matter produced from or originating from plants and animals. Our patented shank system with efficient cutting geometry ensures that the material is cut perfectly and not compressed. In order to use these resources in thermal power plants, first of all, it is necessary to prepare the materials accordingly.

Our strengths in this area
tree branches
Garden Waste

4- Tree Roots Wood

Sawn, restrained and hornless trees are also known as trunk trees, which place high demands on the cutting tool. That's why our patented tool spindles are equipped with aggressive rippers that break the material first and then feed it into thinner blades. These materials are used not only for heat and power generation, but also as building materials and raw materials in the paper industry.

Our strengths in this area
root wood
Daily Residue

5-Building Debris and Mine Wastes

During the construction, expansion and demolition of new buildings, large amounts of construction waste are produced on construction sites. The term refers to mineral wastes and building materials such as concrete, asphalt, brick and mortar residues. Their volume must be significantly reduced before being processed into recycled concrete or treated as backfill for road and pathway construction.

Our strengths in this area
Mixed construction waste
asphalt and concrete
Ceramics and tiles
roof tiles

6- Waste Wood

Waste wood has already been used for a different purpose and therefore may contain iron and metal parts. Our shafts are little affected by these substances and are particularly durable during the shredding process. These materials are used not only for heat and power generation, but also as building materials and raw materials in the paper industry.

Our strengths in this area
Demolition Wood
Cable Drums
Railway Sleepers


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