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Date Updated : 17 Mar 2024
Production Type : Brand
Brand Akay Packing Makina Otomasyon Ve Sanayi
Model : Ap250
Production Year : 2024
Akay Packing Makina Otomasyon Ve Sanayi
Türkiye - İstanbul - Esenyurt
Örnek, 1613. Sk. No:19 D:1, 34517 Esenyurt/ist
Ad Description

Our roll bread packaging machine is designed to package your delicious roll breads in the highest quality possible, providing an excellent solution. This specialized machine aims to preserve the freshness of your roll breads while ensuring their protection.

**Technical Specifications:**

- Continuous operation capability with automatic feeding system

- Fast packaging capacity: 200 roll breads per minute

- Packaging Dimensions: Length 100-350 mm, Width 50-200 mm, Height 30-100 mm

- Lightweight and compact design: Easily portable and space-saving

- Easy to use and clean: User-friendly interface and accessible components

**Functionality and Advantages:**

1. **High Efficiency:** Speeds up your production process with a packaging capacity of up to 200 roll breads per minute.

2. **Flexible Packaging:** Wide range of package size options to accommodate different bread sizes.

3. **Freshness Preservation:** Each package ensures the protection of your roll breads from external factors, preserving their freshness for extended periods.

4. **Ease of Use:** User-friendly interface and automatic functions enhance operator efficiency.

5. **Durable Construction:** Robust build ensures long-term usage and low maintenance costs.

The roll bread packaging machine helps you package your roll breads professionally and effectively while optimizing your production processes. It provides an excellent solution for ensuring your quality and fresh roll breads reach your customers.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions or additional information.