Ribbon Mixer, Ribbon Mixer, Ribbon Blender 50 Lt / 1000 Lt

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Date Updated : 04 Mar 2024
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Öncel Makina
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Product Introduction: Ribbon Blender Mixer

Ribbon Blender Mixer is a specially designed equipment for homogeneous mixing of liquid products. It stands out with its models of different capacities (50 lt, 100 lt, 250 lt, 500 lt, 1000 lt). It has a specially designed mixer to provide a homogeneous mixture without damaging the structure of especially sensitive products. It is manufactured from AISI 304 - 316 quality stainless steel sheet and profile and is joined by TIG welding method.

Technicial Specifications:

Capacity: 50 lt - 1,000 lt
It is suitable for homogeneous mixing of solid/solid, solid/liquid, liquid/liquid products.
It provides homogeneous mixture without damaging the structure of sensitive products.
It is made of AISI 304 - 316 quality stainless steel sheet and profile.
It is combined with the TIG welding method.
Usage areas:

Food industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Civilian Explosive
Labneh Lines
Fruit Yogurt
and can be used in many different sectors.
Ribbon Blender Mixer (Horizontal Ribbon Mixer): Ribbon Blender Mixer, commonly known as horizontal ribbon mixer machine, performs the mixing process through ribbon blades. Strip-shaped blades are positioned in the machine with U-shaped bowls where they are welded to a pipe shaft. The Ribbon Blender is available in various capacities (5 to 25,000 liters), with a wide range of applications in different industries.

Features of Ribbon Blender:

Single speed drive.
Various operating capacities are available from 5 to 25,000 liters.
Advanced recessed bottom discharge valve located in the middle.
Worm reduction gear box.
It is suitable for working in the atmosphere.
Stainless steel surfaces are polished to the utmost fineness.
Three-phase asynchronous motors ideal for 415 volts and 50 Hz.
Sufficient discharge distance thanks to the blender mounted on the supports.
Shaft sealing options are available according to specific requirements.
Working Principle: Ribbon Blender works on the principles of convective mixing and diffusion. The material is fed from the top cover and processed in both directions to obtain a homogeneous mixture. After mixing, the material is discharged through the gate valve on the lower shell of the equipment.

Application Areas: Ribbon Blender addresses a wide range of applications such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, agriculture and chemical sectors. It can be used in many areas such as medicines, cosmetics, paint, food products and pesticides.

Ribbon Mixer, Ribbon Mixer, Ribbon Blender