Manual System Universal Ironing Body Press

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Date Updated : 02 Mar 2024
Production Type : Brand
Brand Kleppa
Model : Kb-01
Production Year : 2023
Kleppa Teknoloji
Türkiye - İstanbul - Başakşehir
İkitelli O.s.b. Sinpaş İş-modern 2.kısım A17-18
Ad Description

KB-01 Manual System Universal Ironing Body Press is a powerful ironing machine that can provide desired form and high-quality ironing. It offers easy and comfortable use thanks to its sturdy construction and ergonomic design.

It operates with a central system of steam and vacuum, vacuums from the bottom mold and provides steam from both bottom and top molds. This allows for ironing to be performed in the desired form and quality.

KB-01 is designed especially for use in the textile production industry. This machine is an ideal choice for those who want to achieve high-quality ironing.


Usage Areas:

It can be used in the textile industry and garment workshops. It is especially used for ironing and shaping clothes such as pants, shirts, jackets, and dresses.