Hygiene Barriers Station Pi22007

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Date Updated : 18 Dec 2023
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Model : Pi22007
Production Year : 2023
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Daira Technology
Türkiye - İstanbul - İstanbul
Mutsan Sanayi Sitesi, İkiteli OSB Atatürk Bulvarı, 14. Cd. 10. Blok No:22, 34490 İkitelli Osb/Başakşehir/İstanbul
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Hygiene Barriers Station pi22007

Stages of using the sterilization station

1.washing hands with water and soap

2.360 disinfections for the whole body during drying up the hands.

3.disinfection of footwear

4.disinfection of hands,

5.crossing the barrier.

Sterilization station equipment

1.Multilingual control panel

2.speaking guide to guide the user through the stages.

3.Photocell Soap Dispenser

4.Compulsory two-hand wash basin with sensor

5.Hot air hand dryer

6.Body essential for disinfection 8x spraying points for Body disinfection

7.(360 Degree Rotation simultaneously)

8.Automatic Hand Disinfection Device with turnstile

9.4 spraying points for hand disinfection

10.Sole Cleaning Brushes

11.legs for fixing and changing the machine's height off the ground

12.Adjustable Photocells for all passages

13.Indicator lights to indicate the machine's condition

14.welded drain tube behind the equipment

15.2 stainless steel steps

16.3x stainless steel turnstile Arm

17.Protective steel bars

18.emergency stop button

19.The sterilization station can be equipped with a paper towel box and a trash can (optional)

Sterilization station specifications

1.Type of protection: IP65

2.All parts of the sterilization station are made of 304 stainless steel 1.5 - 3mm

3.All wear parts are made from the highest-grade material

4.Easy installation and availability for interconnection to all types of Access control sys

5.Ease refilling materials (sterilizer - soap - water)

6.The brushes can be easily removed and installed for cleaning

7.(lower & Upper Palms simultaneously)

8.Strong Chassis - Insulated Welded - Industrial Design

9.Brush length: ≈ 1000mm easily cleanable

10.Electrical connection: 220-250V / L + N + PE, 50-60Hz

11.Nominal power 1,0 kW

12.Control voltage valve and pump for disinfection and water: 24 V DC

13.Control voltage turnstile actuation: 24V DC

14.Control system: OMRON PLC

15.Changeable parameters for all disinfections

16.isolated electrical panel inside the body

17.Dimensions (LxWxH): 2700x1050x1750mm