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Date Updated : 11 Mar 2024
Production Type : Special Production
Model : 2013
Production Year : 2013
Samur Dıs Tıc Ltd Stı
Türkiye - İstanbul - Bahcelievler
Mıthatpasa Cad No 40/a Bahcelıevler
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Hard Candy

The whole system works with a steam cooking system.


• Hard candy

• The raw material mixture is prepared in preliminary preparation.

• Pre-cooking is done in the cauldron.

• The pre-cooking components of the mixtures are transferred to the intermediate boiler.

a pump.

• The cooking system (jet cooker) is transferred from the intermediate tank with the help of an apparatus.


• Cooked products are taken to the depositor with the help of double-walled pipes.

• It is pressed into molds from the depositor.

• It is transferred from the tape to the cases.

• The transferred candies are directed to the packaging department.

• Maximum cooking capacity is 450 kg.

• There are 4 types of molds in our production line.

• Molds are teflon coated.

• Pin dies

• Flavor and dye are changed via the line.


Raw materials are taken for cooking.

After the mixture is supplied, cuts are made.

150 kg of sugar is cooked in 20 minutes

The cooked product is transferred from the boiler to the transport parts of a valve.

transferred from the product to the molds

Plastering is done after pouring

After the plastering is broken, it should not stop for about 8 minutes.

The coolant passes through the liquid and spills onto the belt.

Then the products are removed from the packaging section.

• It is kept at a high rate in the resting/drying room.

• After waiting, it is transferred to the packaging unit.

• 400kg of product is obtained per hour.

Product Weights

Round 4.5 - 4.8gr

Oval 4.2 – 4.5 g

Square 3.8 – 4.2g

Minibon 2- 2.5 gr

Jelly balls 6.5g