Fs Compressive Tensile Load Cell

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Kobastar Elektronik Tır Kantarları - Loadcell
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FS Push Pull Loadcell

FS Compression Tensile Loadcell is produced using special alloy steels, optional stainless steel versions can also be produced.

Alloyed steel models are hardened by heat treatment and cleaned by sandblasting, and all surfaces are coated with Nickel homogeneously and become more resistant to corrosion.

FS Compression Pulling Loadcell is in a perforated and grooved structure in the middle and with the mounting kit attached to the bottom, it works in the form of pressure as well as in the direction of tension.

FS Compression Tensile Loadcell is produced by using shear type straingages. In addition, while 4 straingages are used in normal loadcells, this number can be increased to 8 or 16 in FSH models. Therefore, since strain signals are received from different points, they give more linear output and are suitable for use for force test machines. they come.

All Loadcells are tested in accordance with the test procedures specified in the OIML R60 recommendations.

FS Compression Tensile Loadcell, Force test machines, Silo and tank weighing etc. used in industrial areas.

More reliable and accurate weighing results are obtained with mounting kits specially produced for silo and tank weighing.

Due to the low height dimension of the FS, it is suitable for measurements to be made in narrow spaces.

The measurement area is made resistant to all kinds of adverse environmental conditions by welding with stainless steel covers, dust and water protection level is IP67 class (EN 60529)

FS Compression Tensile Loadcell With its arm type structure, it has more strain gauges than normal load cells, so it is more sensitive and highly resistant to lateral loads.


Standard 4x022mm2 PVC flame retardant outer sheath, Aluminum and tinned copper braided shielded cable providing protection against external noises and signals is used in FS Compression Tensile Loadcell.

Optionally, armored or ex-proof silicone cables can be preferred.

Armored cables in FS Push Pull Loadcell are more resistant to external factors and provide protection from rodents such as mice.

Silicone cables, on the other hand, create an excellent heat shield in high-temperature working environments, can be used at a continuous temperature of 180°C and for a short time up to 220°C. Silicone cables are used in both high and low temperatures down to -60°C, thanks to their excellent climate resistance.

You can contact our sales engineers to get technical support about your load cells, weighing and force test applications.

You can be sure that our experienced sales team will assist you in every aspect by phone and email or in the application field.


Stainless Steel and Alloy steel options

Dust and Waterproof construction, IP67 Protection.

High accuracy and precision.

Reference Loadcell

Capacity options from 2 tons to 100 tons.

FS Push Pull Loadcell Application Areas

Force testing machines

Silo and Tank weighing

Tensile shear testing machines


Working Principle

Load Cell Cable Colors

Cable Colors

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