Fruit Vegetable Mushroom Meat Fish Drying Plant Full Set- Heat Pump System

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Date Updated : 08 Feb 2024
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Brand Ekotec
Model : 2021
Production Year : 2021
Faruk Can
Türkiye - İstanbul - Kartal
Ad Description
Very little drying has been used only 1 year. It will be supplied with the following parts. Drying Plant is completely for sale.

The Drying Oven takes 400 cases, takes 800-1500kg of product, dries in 15 hours. It works economically by drying with a heat pump instead of an electric resistance heater. With its heating, cooling, dehumidification feature, it can dry fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, flowers, plants and everything.

There are 2 drying systems in the set.

1-Ekotec ETHK-20 Fruit Vegetable Dryer Drying Plant with Heat Pump

2-Ekotec Ethk-05 drying oven

1-Ekotec ETHK-20 Set Content;

Set content

400 large cases

400 large spare cases

1 piece Meteka Seb 210 m set-top vegetable chopper (300kd chopping per hour, 3mm-7mm grating, 4-10mm slicing, 4x5 bar cutting discs will be supplied)

2 pcs Standing Vegetable chopping machine (500kg chopping capacity per hour)

3 Product Stacking Table

25 pcs Under Crate Trolley (crates are placed on the placing trolley and enter the oven, on wheels)

For those who want to see our facility is in Bursa-İznik.

2-Ekotec Ethk-05 drying oven SET content;

Ekotec Complete Drying ready system will be given together with the crates. 1 year used. very little drying has been done. like new.

Takes 150 kg wet product. It dries in 24 hours. Unlike the electric oven, it works with a heat pump. with heating cooling, dehumidification feature, Fruit, Vegetable, Meat, Fish, Flower, Plant etc. can dry all of the products.

Takes 72 pieces of crates.

100 double crates and 300 single crates will be supplied.

The advantages of Ekotec fruit and vegetable dryer heat pump are as follows:

1. High Efficiency and Energy Saving

It reduces the humidity without exhausting hot air during the drying process and only condensed water is discharged and there is almost no energy loss, so the efficiency is very high.

2. Working Environment

The food drying process can be carried out in any climate throughout the year.

3. Hygienic

Since drying takes place in a closed cabin, the drying process takes place in a hygienic way without being damaged by dust, soil, rain, insects and animals.

4. Minimum Manpower

The foods to be dried are placed in PE drying crates and then placed in the drying cabinet. Afterwards, the drying process is completed without the need to blend the products drying inside during the drying process.

5. Renewable Energy

Food dryer heat pumps are renewable energy systems. If desired, it can be operated with a solar battery and the operating cost drops to zero.

6. Environmentally Sensitive

It does not create pollution to the environment in any way. No fossil fuel is used. It is 40% to 80% more economical than fossil fuels.

7. Perfect Drying

The drying cabinet adopts a closed loop method with strong convection circulation of hot air, so that the food in the drying cabinet is evenly dried. Except for the smell of the dried food itself, there is no other odour and no taste change.

8. Simple Operation

Your fruit drying plant is controlled by PLC automation system and drying is controlled as desired. If desired, continuously dried products can be saved as a recipe without repeatedly entering values.

9. Flexible Increasable Capacity

According to the demand and need, the capacity can be increased by placing as many drying cabinets side by side.

Features of Ekotec Fruit Vegetable Dryer Heat Pump

By adopting the duct type drying method, it realises drying in 30% shorter time than the old models with shorter drying time and well-distributed hot air.

It does not cause problems during drying, the nutrients in it do not deteriorate, never degenerate, no oxidation event occurs, the nutrients are completely dried and retain their nutritional content with good rehydration.

Heating, cooling and dehumidification functions are realised in a single machine.

Dryer heat pump provides 40% saving compared to oil drying machine, 50% saving compared to coal boiler, 30% saving compared to electric boiler.