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Jet pulse bag filter ranks first among the most preferred filter types today with its solutions to dust removal problems.


The principle of Jet Pulse Filters is to purify the dusty gas by passing it from outside to inside of the felt-based bag, and in the meantime, collect the dust accumulated on the outer surface of the bag by dropping it into the bunker under the body with compressed air.


The dust collected in the bunker is taken out of the filter by means of dust discharge elements, and the usable powders are transported to the system through transport elements and included in the production again.


Dust collection systems is the process of collecting harmful dust from the process in a central or local unit in all industrial facilities that produce food, medicine, plastic, packaging, metal processing, ceramic facilities, tire production, paper manufacturing, cement and iron and steel production.


Compared with other dust collectors, the bag filter has the advantage of higher filtering efficiency, usually above 99.99%. Therefore, the gas discharged from the dust collector contains less dust and can meet the requirements of environmental protection emission standards;


Bag filters are manufactured to be used in businesses where dust density is high. The filters are selected depending on the structure, type, particle size, mass and density of the dust and are produced to reduce the dust in the environment to a minimum level.


Jet pulse bag filter is generally used in central system dust and smoke extraction applications. The dirty air collected from its source is brought to the filter through air ducts designed with appropriate diameters and thicknesses according to the type of dust.


By reducing the suction speeds at the dirty air filter inlet coming to the dust collection system or by installing a cyclone filter in front of the dirty air inlet of the dust collection system, sparks and large and abrasive parts that may come from the dust collection system are prevented from hitting the bags directly, thus extending the life of the filters.


The retained dust is automatically cleaned thanks to the blast cleaning system. The powder directed to the collection bucket or airlock at the bottom of the bunker is used as waste or recycling. The cleaned air is sucked from the cabin by a fan and pressed into the desired environment.