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Chiller Water Cooling Unit

It is delivered in working condition at our factory or at the assembly site. The capacity of the groups in the form of compact units varies between 51.2 kW and 413.8 kW and consists of the following parts. Depending on the cooling compressor capacity, 1 or 2 semi-closed (semi-hermetic) piston compressors are used. Ease of intervention and maintenance is provided to all parts of the compressor. Required mains voltage; 3 phase - 400 Volt-50 Hz. Condenser: Air-cooled condensers are manufactured with copper pipes and aluminum lamellas. A high-efficiency axial fan, directly coupled with its motor, is mounted on the device to ensure condensation of the refrigerant. Evaporator Chiller Shell & tube type, special high efficiency copper pipes are manufactured by fixing them to the steel mirror holes with machine tool. The detachable nature of the pipe bundle enables maintenance and cleaning. Electrical control panel: It is equipped with sufficient contactors, thermals, fuses and switches to ensure fully automatic operation of the device. Required mains voltage; It is 3 phase - 400 Volt - 50 Hz. Microprocessor control system: A microprocessor control system is used in the device. In this way, water inlet and outlet temperatures, operating times of the compressors and all malfunctions that may occur in the system can be seen digitally on the screen and capacity control can be made easily. In addition, the operating times of each compressor are automatically kept in balance, ensuring that the device operates at optimum efficiency. Cooling circuit elements For automatic and safe operation of the device; Dryer-filter, sight glass, thermostatic expansion valve, solenoid valve, low-high pressure pressure switch, chiller water flow control automatic, cooling valves, water and air discharge valves are installed.


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