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Date Updated : 16 Oct 2023
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Production Year : 2023
Weltel Elektrik Rezistans
Türkiye - İstanbul - Bayrampaşa - Başakşehir
İkitelli Osb. Aykosan san. Sitesi
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It has a power of 220 Volt 5 kW. There is a 3-stage resistance group (2000 W + 15000W + 1500W).Resistors are long-lasting and highly efficient.It has a room thermostat that can be adjusted from 0 to 40 C. You can use it comfortably and economically with the desired power level and thermostat. It does not disturb you with its 45 decibel sound.The electricity consumption of the device is proportional to the stage powers to be used, mentioned above.With an air flow rate of 500 m3 and an average air outlet temperature of 250 C, you can heat your spaces up to 50 m2 (maximum ceiling height 3 m) without consuming oxygen.It does not require installation. It can be used portable or stationary. The 2 meter standard cable is made in different lengths according to customer request.The resistances are insulated around them and the outer casing of the device does not get hot.Overheat protected. In case of an adverse situation (blocking the air flow by accidentally closing the vents, etc.), the device may become resistant.It disables the group and gives a warning through the yellow signal lamp on it. After the device is placed in a suitable position where it can provide air flow, it returns to routine operation. (Yellow warning light goes off)It is easy to carry and practical to use. Home, office, workshop, caravan, tent, construction site, greenhouse etc. You can use it safely in many placesDevice dimensions are 36 x 35 x 24 cm (excluding accessories). Its weight is 9 kg.You can contact us for detailed information.