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Plastic cup thermoforming machine. 1 million - 1.200.000 pcs 22 hours 


Our thermoforming machine is tilting type and we have four different type of productions.

We can also produce according to our clients’ special demand and their need


Some Advantageous Features of Our Machine,

• Fast and flexible thermoforming system

• It is different from the other tilting thermoforming machines with the used technology.

• Simple operation with minimum staff cost.

• The possibility of producing quality and on time for the small and medium size product.

• Mould change period is faster so it can be given quick response to market needs.

• Easier mould exchange possibility with the lifter which is situated on the machine.

• Electronic cam system except mechanical cam electronic cam system supplies high quality production for different weight material, it also supplies the product to cool in the mould and it gains cycle time.

• Easy adjustable plug system at the desired depth to make the products stretch.

• Economic outturn, fertility, high productivity and low energy consumption thanks to regenerative units.

• The ability of adjusting chain arm and sheet entry according to different mould height.

• The ability of making adjustment of sheet's width and stretch

• Heating system at the plate entry for the easily sinking of the chain

• Warning laser sensor for against plate sagging

• Plug and mould heating property for shaping at the desired feature at first

• At first until the desired quality product is formed, our machine doesn’t cut the sheet ( the products doesn’t fall the ground thus it supplies to prevent the loss of raw materials)

• Mould temperature checking system to supply stable and safe operation

• Air, vacuum and water indicator

• Air, vacuum and water filters

• Vacuum pump


• Smart Servo and motion system

• Airconditioner for electric cabin.

• User focused easy handling and moveable control panel

• Online remote access possibility for automation system

• Latest generation software program

• 15” colorful touch screen and operating system

• Control panel with Turkish-English language option

• Understandable screen menu guidelines

• The ability to create a separate recipe for each product and the ability to memorize all recipe

• Temperature warning indicator when the machine waits for a while

• The control and follow-up of heats by screen

• Safe operation with the low air pressure warning control

• Measurement of mould temperatures, facility of monitoring from the screen and water control with automatic value system

• Automatic lubrication system and low maintanence thanks to optimal accessibility to all critical areas

• Automatic chain lubrication system

• Easy access to all parts of the machine ( It provides to facilitate cleaning and maintenance works)

• High production variety and flexibility ( the possibility of production of cubs, lids and plates)

• Counting system that supplies stacking different products


Stacker System

• Full automatic operation with PLC control

• Safe operation with motion control which is synchronized by machine cycle speed

• Quick plate changing according to different size

• Motion control smart series servo motor and drivers

• Conveyor speed adjustment

• Automatic lubrication system We have three different model stacker system with the aim of providing the stacking of the products from the machine.


Our Moulds

For the production of our moulds we pay attention to all the details and attach importance to material selection. We apply surface coating process and heat process which essential for cutter on our moulds.


1- Manual Brush Stacker Machine;

At this type machine, the plate which locates brush bars on it that approaches to the thermoform machine automatically stacks products and stacked products are taken by the operator then they are given to the packaging or counting-packaging system.

2- Automatic Brush Stacker Machine;

At this type machine, the plate which locates brush bars on it that approaches to the thermoform machine automatically takes products and it stacks them by pulling to the shelves which acts as if elevator. Then these products are taken on conveyor as pneumatic by elevator and servo system’s up-down movement. After that products which were taken on conveyor are transfered other counting-packaging conveyor, so they are packed without touching.

3- Robotic, Automatic, Vacuum Stacker System;

This type automatic thermoforming machine leave the products to separator which is in the form of moving platen by the robotic arm which acts lenearly and with the aid of vacuum. From these seperator they are transferred to conveyor. After this step, the products are transferred other counting-packaging conveyor without touching.

• This type machine is very functional to stack cups, plates and lids that are picked up from the machine

• Proper automation solution according to mould and product

• Hygienic production without touching

• Vacuum is used instead of brush. So products’ deformation is prevented.


The some advantageous features of our machine are;

• We designed our machine to fit into the cabin with fan and electric panel. So we tried to prevent waste of time such as transfer and installation

• Inside the cabin, it was made with three different stratified sound proof system. Because the fan is in the cabin, it was included in sound insulation. Fan is ignored in many systems

• We put the entry of the plastic into the machine on the top, so we tried to prevent industrial accident by hitting swing to the operator

• Before the plastic enters into the crushing knives, there are pulling cylinders

• The hot plastic which comes from the thermoforming machine, before entering the crushing blades, cold water is circulating on the surface where the hot plastic rubs

• Water is circulating on the roller to prevent overheating and we designed it to do necessary intervention so that it can be cleaned in case of needed

• We designed water channel at the bottom of the fixed knives to prevent overheating which caused by the friction of the plastic which becomes granular in the machine

• We designed air douche system in the machine to prevent the waste of time and the waste of plastic raw material in the duration of colour and raw material change. Thanks to this system machine’s inside is cleaned approximately %80, then the operator opens the machine and clean the other stuck plastic

• Knives are 60-62 HRC which is hardened with 2379 material

• There are two-stage safety switch, one is on main body the other one is on cabin’s cap. This feature ensures safe operation for the operator and maintenance worker

• Engine power was calculated as optimum, so it was tried to prevent unnecessary energy consumption. It supplies nearly %50 energy saving when compared to similar ones.

• The machine is controlled by PLC via the touch screen

• It has also Big-Bag filling system to store scrap plastics or they can be transferred with the fan

• It was added conveyor system to carry deformed cups. It can be preferred on demand. If desired, sensor and magnet can be added on the conveyor


plastic cup thermoforming machine. 1 million - 1.200.000 pcs 22 hours 

-the machine is ready in stock,


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