Öztiryakiler Conveyor Dishwasher, Obk 2000

Tuğcan Çağlayan
Türkiye / Kırklareli / Lüleburgaz
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Production Type :Brand
Model :Obk 2000
Production Year :2.12.2016
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Date Updated :11 Jan 2021
Ad Description

Stainless steel body, boiler and washing table

* Hygienic washing corners with one piece and rounded corners* 133 basket washing capacity per hour (Basket dimensions 50cmx50cm)* Efficient drying thanks to its high power fan* Washing period for 3 liters of water consumption* Automatic and user friendly control panel* Continuous washing with drying thanks to the conveyor system* Saving in energy, detergent and water usage* Washing arms made of stainless steel* Height optimization with product legs* Easy to start; One-click water filling and heating of boilers and washing tanks* Electrical components and wiring systems meet international standards and safety* The whole body is insulated and in IPX5 protection standard against water.* Thermostat controlled rinsing and temperatures for effective washing* Valve system that prevents the water in the machine from returning to the installation.* Washing water temperature 55-60 ° C (with the condition that the water is at least 2 bars and 50 ° C)* The rinse water temperature is 80-85 ° C (with the condition that the water temperature is at least 2 bar and 50 ° C)* Left entry benchTYPE ElectricEN (mm) 2550MALE (mm) 800HEIGHT (mm) 1880NET WEIGHT (Kg) 320GROSS WEIGHT (Kg) 350VOLUME (m3) 3,87CAPACITY 2130 Plate / HourELECTRIC POWER 48VOLT 400V - 3 NPEFREQUENCES 50HOT WATER PRESSURE 2-4 barHOT WATER HARDNESS 0-10 French HardnessCOLD WATER INLET DIAMETER 3/4 ''COLD WATER PRESSURE 2-4 bar-We can discard the remaining information if you want-Routine maintenance of the machine has been done.