15 Kw Electric Fan Heater

Newton Makine
Türkiye / Ankara / Çankaya
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ManufacturerNewton Makine
Model :EVO15
Production Year :2021
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Date Updated :19 Aug 2022
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Thanks to their compact structure and ability to be connected to electricity and operated directly, electric fan heaters can be used comfortably and easily in construction areas with a heating capacity of 135 square meters with less insulation. The construction site electric heater model, which has the capacity to heat an uninsulated space of 90 square meters, can provide instant heating without the need for an installation or preliminary preparation. Industrial type heaters, which can be used for heating in 250 square meters of medium-insulated areas, appeal to the eye with their ergonomic and stylish designs, and help the models to be carried easily due to their light structure. Industrial heaters with a heating capacity of 330 square meters in a very well insulated area can offer fast and economical heating solutions for many usage needs. It provides rapid drying of plaster and concrete in cold weather, especially in construction site environments, and prevents plaster and concrete cracking and freezing, and provides heat balance in the environment. Electric heaters allow it to be used in all kinds of living spaces.



Model:EVO 15

CapacityKW: 7.5- 15

Kcal/h:7,740 - 12,900

Btu/h: 30.700 - 51.180

Sound Decibel (dB): 57

Flow (m3/h): 1300

Voltage Frequency (V,hz): 380V - 50hz

Dimensions(Length/Width/Height)(mm): 495x500x470

Weight (kg): 25