Project X Camera Measuring Device

Ekinler Endüstri San. Ve Tic. A.ş.
Türkiye / Manisa / Yunusemre
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Manufacturerİnpros Endüstriyel Ürünler San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti
Model :Prjx2d-m
Production Year :2018
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Date Updated :27 Oct 2020
Ad Description

Project X is different. It utilises a totally new, patented technology XYscale, that records not only X and Y position but also any rotational movementof the camera system. In addition, this is an absolute scale system, whichmeans as soon as you switch on the machine it knows exactly where it is - noneed for referencing. The camera is free to glide around the measurement areamounted on a simple air bearing system, without any worry about constrainingthe mechanics to avoid losing accuracy. Components can be placed on a glasstable and remain stationary, while the camera is moved around takingmeasurements above. There is no need to secure the component on the table asthere would be on a moving stage machine.


•Aberlink's easy-to-use vision measurement software

•Fully automated CNC,or manual, non-contact inspection for small and delicate parts

•Small enough to bepositioned on the production workbench

•Fully programmabledigital zoom, no need to change lenses

•High speed opticalscanning - up to 5000 points/second

•Powerful edgedetection tools for maximum accuracy

•Directional overheadlights and back light provide profile and surface feature inspection

•Measures accuratelyeven when the feature is not in focus