KaNMaK Makina
Türkiye / İstanbul / Unkapanı
İmç. 4. Blok No : 4223 Unkapanı - İstanbul - Türkiye
Ad Code :M-403027
Ad Type :For Sale - New
Price :3.467 $
Production Type :Special Production
Model :KM9000
Production Year :2020
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Date Updated :17 Jun 2021
Ad Description

Mask Rubber Bonding Machine Ultrasonic
Kanmak Makina is one hundred Turkish goods

It is guaranteed for 1 year including totally domestic production ultrasonics with a capacity of 20,000 masks per day.

Automatic twine pull

It should stick two tires at once.

The heating bonding system is ultrasonic.

20khz 2000w

Our machine is guaranteed for one year against fabrication defects.

Our machine works with 220 volt electricity and air system.

The raw material skeleton of our machine consists of the best aluminum.

Pistons used on it are first class material.