Dt-9700 Full Automatic Ultrasonic Surgical Mask Machine

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DT-9700 Full Automatic Disposable Mask Making Machine is designed to produce disposable bodies with ear loop elastics welded on automatically. It is capable of producing 7200 pieces of complete masks without the necessity of manual labor. . Sensors installed all around the machine allows the user to keep track of every stage of the process.


The machine comes to halt position automatically  once it detects the absence of material in the entry point of the production line. By resetting the machine from display screen the production may continue as before..

Fabric Feeding Unit

The production line starts with a fabric feeding unit which is designed to stand detached, to install the fabric rolls upon with tension adjustment mechanism. This unit can contain 3 up to 3 rolls of nonwoven and meldblown fabric with 25 cm width and 80 cm diameter.

Transferring Unit

The mask bodies that are complete are transferred to the conveyor with metal bed which are later carried to the ear loop welding section where the elastics are welded.

Ultrasonic Welding

State of the art  ultrasonic welding mechanism automatically calibrates the correct type of frequency digitally.

Control Panel

Automated with Omron components, the control panel allows the user to operate the machine and control many features. Production speed, Meter Counter and Piece counter are the some of key adjustments that are found on the panel. Emergency buttons are designed to maintain personnel safety.

Fabric Folding Unit

There is a fabric folding apparatus mounted on the press where the fabric goes through before it is fed into the press. This part allows to adjust the width of the folds as well as the positioning of the fabric.

Static Preventing Wire

To eliminate the substantial amount of the static electricity generated during the production and the winding up of the nonwoven fabric rolls DT- 4600 mask machine features 2 static preventing wires one of which is in the front and the second one is at the exit of the production line.

Nose Wiring

Nose wiring feeding mechanism allows the user to produce adjustable clips for the nose part of the mask bodies using a special reeling system


Remote Access Module –  This feature  enables the machine to be controlled over a mobile using an app.

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