Crane Remote Control With Magnet Control - 516 Spectrum 1

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Model :516 spectrum1
Production Year :2020
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Date Updated :26 May 2020
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Our remote controls can be compatible with work machines in different sectors and can be used with different features. It is suitable for use in many areas such as Mobile/Overhead Crane, Ceiling Cranes, Industrial Cranes, Mining & Drilling Machines, On-vehicle applications. (Firefighter - Sewage Cleaning Truck etc.)

  • 3 Drives double steps, magnet control, start / horn and emergency stop
    Double speed step control of hook, cat and bridge movements with 2 joysticks, catch magnet, release magnet, start / horn and emergency stop buttons.

  • There are 1 button for magnet grab, 2 buttons for magnet drop.
  • '' Release Magnet '' With 2 separate buttons, unwanted accidents are prevented.

  • Automatic frequency management to work without any interruption,
    This feature comes standart with all our 2.4 GHz systems. The operator can work without interruption, even in areas with many radio users. Thanks to this feature that it is not necessary to make a list of all the wireless systems any more. 

  • Approximate usage time is 20 hours with a single battery,
    Approximately 1 week usage time for 1-2 hours daily use. Recharging time is approximately 2-3 hours when the battery is completely discharged.

  • Radiomatic iLog switch for directly activating the replacement remote control,
    In the event that the existing hand control malfunctions, simply replace the iLOG switch to activate the spare hand control. Thus, you can continue your work in seconds without having to climb on the crane or make complex coding.

  • The package includes 2 batteries, charger, carrying belt clip and Turkish user manuals.
  • It is a German production and produced in Germany.
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