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Bag filters offer high collection efficiency at a reasonable cost. In this type of filters, air is cleaned by passing through long and cylindrical bags made of cotton or wool fabric.

These filtering devices capture particulate contaminants as they pass through a special fabric filter. The most common example of a filter device is a & quot; bag housing & quot ;. This filter captures airborne dust passing over several layers of fabric. Slowly a layer of dust accumulates on the fabric. This dust also acts as a filter and improves the dust collection efficiency of the initial system. Then, as a result of continuous accumulation of dust on the fabric, it becomes extremely clogged. Dust is automatically removed by changing the fabric bag or by shaking the bag.

The dust thus removed from the air stream remains in the bags. In these devices, the air is cut off from time to time and bag filters are recovered from the dust they hold by mechanical vibration or by shaking with compressed air. In this way, a large portion of the powder is collected in the lower funnel.

Industrial bag filters can be designed in two different ways.

Industrial type jet pulse bag filters

Industrial type bag filters

The places where a common fabric collection system is used include industrial foundries, grain processing, material handling and crushing and grinding.