Granule Pelletizng Machine

Vikotech Makina
Türkiye / İstanbul / Başakşehir
İkitelli Osb Pik Dökümcüler San. Sit A1 Blok No:11/12 Istanbul / Başakşehir- Turkey
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Production Type :Special Production
ManufacturerVikotech Makina
Model :2020
Production Year :2020
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Date Updated :17 Sep 2020
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Pelletizer is usedforcuttingtheplasticmelt, whichcomesfromExtruderandturns it into a granule form. Thispelletizer can be usedfor PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE, ABS, PS and PU materials.

  • Granulesizes can be adjustableaccordingtocustomerrequest.
  • Cuttingprocesstakesplacewithhorizontalwatercooleddie, with an easyadjustablespring-loadedbladesystem.
  • Cuttingbladesmade of 1.2379steel.
  • Pelletizersarecompletelymade of AISI-316 stainlesssteel.
  • EasychangeableDieandthe Steel blades.
  • Perfect VerticalDryingsystemwith-in for final storage-silo.

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