Fruit Drier Using Renewable Sun Light And Heat Pump

Renan Hoşgör
Türkiye / İzmir / Foça
1629 Sokak 26/c Bayraklı / İzmir
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Production Type :Special Production
ManufacturerAla Bahçe Organik Ürünler
Model :S - 360-r
Production Year :2018
Is Machine Revised? :Yes
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Date Updated :11 Nov 2020
Ad Description
Fresh air is heated by using specially designed sunlight heater boxes and blown into the drying room. There are 5 cars and on each car there are 30 shelves made from AISI316 stainless steel material. The dry air enters to the drying room from the bottom and leaves the room at top. The air temperature and humidity are measured at top and if the air is humid enough it is let to exhaust canal, if the humidity is less then 60 %, it is directed to the by pass duct. Either exhausted or by passed the air passes through a specially designed evaporator and by using the heat energy of the air, the heat pump products a high temperature at the surface of the specially designed condenser which is on the supply air duct this heatin and drying the supply air. After 24 hours the dried products are taken out on the cars and can be packed. The system is continously measuring the temperature and humidity of the leasingi air and these values can be seen on the front panel. There are two positions for the leasingi air, either redirected into the drying room or exhausted, the heat pump is always working either the evaporator on the by pass duct or the evaporator on the exhaust duct are used. The supply fan is a 9 speed one and the speed is chosen according to the temperature and humidity of the outside air.