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Gx-011 Mouse Repellent

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Deworming (rat) is the use of natural principles, family-pest insects ecology newly developed electronic technology products.



Science and Technology study found that ultrasound and electromagnetic energy in general household pest insects attack the auditory and nervous system, to produce anxiety and suffering,

This high audio sound pressure will average family common rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flea. ..... and so on and driving them away from the hideout.

This product will not affect any household electrical appliances, it will not harm the human body.

Features: + electromagnetic ultrasonic + infrared + ultrasonic testing Nightlight +

-This product can be used to drive away all kinds of rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes, ticks and other pests hop, stylish,low power consumption,long life, easy to use, especially for home, office warehouse,food processing plants, supermarkets room,hotel restaurant,hospitals and other places.

-The product consists of microcomputer controller,the carrier frequency pulse circuit, with the following five functions:

Function a: ultrasonic transmitter function to the outside world emit high-frequency pulse ultrasonic frequency,dual-band automatic sweep design, and therefore will not let the mouse and other pests "immunity" and "adaptive.

" Band Ⅰ: 40 ~ 60KHZ automatic sweep; band Ⅱ: 22 ~ 40KHZ automatic sweep; when discovered 'band

BandⅠ "Deworming (rat) is not very good, you can select' band Ⅱ", cockroaches, mosquitoes and other pests particularly sensitive to this frequency, it stimulates negative effects.

Function two: Electromagnetic radiation function - when light is an electromagnetic wave, electromagnetic wave generator began to work intermittently. It slightly to the side of the space radiation, while the power transmission by wire, electromagnetic waves generated around the power cord. In mice, rats and other pests feel extreme panic, physiological dysfunction, reduced reproductive capacity, was unable to survive and fled the scene.

Function Three: infrared transmitter function - infrared transmitter emits infrared light waves outward, rodents and other pests see this light stimulus and fled the scene.

Function four: test function - Due to ultrasonic frequencies the human ear can not hear, when the ultrasonic transmitter working for some time, but I do not know whether the ultrasonic transmitter is working properly, you can use this function to detect the ultrasonic generator is working.

Function Five: Nightlight function - automatic light-sensing technology, when the light is weak night light automatically lights, night light automatically turns off when the light intensity, a unique moment of light absorption circuit, can absorb lightning flash of light on the vehicle lights and other accidents circuit interference. Steady and also set the Nightlight Off function profile.

-This product is non-toxic,odorless,non-driving dead, etc., so that the body does not produce any adverse reactions.

Product name: Observing electronic insecticide

Product number: GX-011

Product color: Blue and white

Specifications: 85 × 138 × 85 mm.

Rated voltage: AC220V / 50Hz

rated power: 4W

Working current: AC90-110 mA

Effective range: 300 square meter





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