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Quark And Cream Cheese Filling Machines(20-40Gr) For Sale

Faruk Bayram
Türkiye / Trabzon / Akçaabat
İlan Kodu :M-378530
İlan Türü :Satılık - 2. El
Fiyat :25.500 $
Üretim Tipi :Marka
Model :PTZ2520
Üretim Yılı :2003
Revizyon Var mı? :Var
Görüntülenme :390
Güncellenme Tarihi :23 Şub 2019
İlan Açıklaması
A person for two people produces up to 8000 people per hour. staff saving and economy. At the same time, 8 x 40 gr. With the revision of the cutting system we made in 2012, our machine has the latest system and the least cutting cutting unit. In addition, the blowing, shaping and filling units have been renewed according to the new term technologies. The packages come out as 4 lugs and 4 pieces are made of ferrule. and all parts, including feet, are made from 304 grade stainless steel and sheet metal profiles, making them long-lasting even in the most demanding working environment. Pneumatic lines used the world's finest quality materials like Festo. The products that the machine removes are like the second picture. Ayyin anda 8 pieces of 40 gr or 20 gr will remove. You can fill it from 10 gr to 60 grams. Quark is suitable for packing cheese, honey, jam, jelly, cream, cream cheese, butter, fruit yoghurt etc. The liquid tank is double walled and heated.
The PLC control system has an operator panel which is insulated against external influences. The hydraulic system is well maintained and is in working condition. Our course is clean, well maintained and in working condition. For further information please contact us. https://youtu.be/i-VbtNmsiLE