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Related Sales Representative: Toure Kamory +90 549 325 66 70 |

Feature: Concrete Hollow block machine - Hollow block machine - Paving block machine - Interlocking bricks machine - Curbstones making machine - Cinder block machine

Product Name: brick (paving-curbstone) machine – PRS 400 semi-automatic mini plant

Campaign Code: BM-001

Campaign Price: 49.675 US DOLLAR

Type: Multi-use

Capacity: 4.000 concrete blocks 40x20x20cm / 300 m2 paving blocks (8 hours)

Paving block, hollow block, solid block, curbstone, interlocking block…

Machines with different Package Modifications; price of the campaign is prepared as complete plant “turnkey project”. Except product drying and curing rooms there is no extra equipment needed.

For a plant with these features the recommended installation, curing – drying and stock area is minimum 2.500 m2. There is no obligation for roofing. The prepared concrete floor should be minimum 1/3 of the plant area.

Machine is designed to work 24 hours. Machine is very fast and has high production capacity through special servomotors. By changing the mold, the machine can produce many types of concrete paving blocks - hollow blocks - insulated bricks – different curbstones – slab block and chimney blocks which height must be between 5 cm and 25 cm.


We have established a call center and customer service in order for you to speak with any one of our representative in your own language. Through our well-formed personnel, we export products everywhere in the world without any problem with the customer. Buying our products is like buying a product in another city of your own country.

2.Here we can read about our concrete block machine description and price. In order to manufacture concrete blocks such as hollow block, paving interlock block, curbstone (or Kerbstone) etc. it is obviously necessary to have a concrete block machine. The process for manufacturing concrete block is fully automatic. However, depending on the market you can have semi-automatic concrete block machine (also called manual concrete block machine) or fully automatic concrete blocks making machine. Still, you will probably notice a considerable difference in the raw materials and molds used by every manufacturer. This is another topic! We will not talk about those dissimilarities in molds but instead the different types of concrete block making machines you will undoubtedly find on the market.

3.The technology used for the manufacture of our concrete block machine meets European standards. The technological part of the machines is generally similar to Siemens technologies because we are using some Siemens equipment. The use of the latest technology on these concrete block machines has made a difference in terms of quality. A very high power heat engine allows a vibration frequency of more than 4500 rpm. The format of the blocks or pavers depends on the choice of customers. The concrete block machine has the possibility to produce blocks with a size between 2 cm and 160 cm. The machine produces between 4 and 72 blocks in a single press depending on the system.

Our technology allows the machine to produce not only pavers but also different types of concrete block such as:

1. The concrete hollow blocks (or bricks) like stretcher block, corner block, pillar block, jamb block, partition block, lintel block, frogged brick block, bull nose block…

2. Kerbstone or Curbstones

3. Standard Core-Fill Block

4. Column Block

5. Slump Block

6. Retaining-Wall Block

7. garden borders (curbstones like), and the slabs for the construction of the buildings.


The Compact Series with Ready-Mixed Concrete Production Capability is on its way to be a highly preferred product due to its new model and minimization of electricity consumption. General features ; concrete Block Machine, Paving Block Machine and Concrete Plant. Get Compact, from Sequence and Version Semi-Automatic System to Full Automatic System Facility.


1- Paving Block Machine

2- Hollow Block Machine

3- Curbstone Making Machine

4- Asmolen Machine

5- Garden block Machine

6- Rain Gutter Machine

7- Lintel Machine

8- Fence Machine

9- Lego Machine

10- Strapless Block Machine

11- Tile Stone Machine

12- Garden Pitch Machine

13-concrete batching plant / ready mix concrete

b.Plant Description

With Single Mortar Hopper - Semi Automatic System - Manual Pallet Carrying System - Fully Automatic Mortar System (With Hopper And Cement Silos) - Daily Capacity 5.000 Pieces 20 Cm Of Hollow Blocks - 15 m3 / Hour Ready Mix Concrete- Max. 3 HQ Containers Machine Shipping Volume - 85 m2 Construction Area - Totally Needs 37 Kw Energy - 55 X 115 PalletDimensions And It Is An Ideal Machine That Can Be Able To Produce With Max. 2 Persons - Designed To Work 24 Hours. Through Special Vibro Motors Machine Can Produce Every Stones Which Heigh Between 2 / 25 Cm. Also You Can Choose Up Versions Like Compact Eco – Compact Classic – Compact Elegance Or Compact Laying Diamond Instead Of Compact Avantgarde 5.1.

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