Industrial Type Rocker Arm Spot Welder

Z Punta Makina
Türkiye / İstanbul / Bayrampaşa
Rami Kişla Caddesi İşkent Sanayii Sitesi D Blok No:212 Bayrampaşa / İstanbul
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ManufacturerZ Punta
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Date Updated :29 May 2017
Ad Description
  • This models are foot pedal operated and fitted with  Analogue Control for weld time and current
  • pneumatic models are fitted with a solenoid valve and electric foot switch with  Digital Controls as standard
  • The water cooled brass arms are fitted with copper electrode holders and changable caps, also water cooled
  • The lower arm is adjustable for height
  • A full range of electrodes are available
  • The water cooled transformers are to an advanced compact design for maximum efficiency
  • Output is SCR controlled
Industrial type series are a modern efficient design of rocker arm type spot welder which are suitable for a wide range of applications from small workshops to high production.