Full Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine

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our machine is automatic and door furniture and all kinds of products are made automatically
The product can be fed manually by the operator to the Front Feed Full Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine. In addition, the Front Feed Full Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine can be fed with products from the transfer system by putting it at the end of the existing automatic transfer system. Thus, the product from the transfer system enters the Shrink Packaging Machine without touch and wraps the temperature in the tunnel tightly with the polyethylene (PE) film product open on both sides. Polyethylene (PE) film, which is cooled by the help of the fan at the tunnel outlet, not only adds a good image to the product, but also protects the product, provides transportation, storage and ease of distribution to the consumers. The width of the film is directly related to the width of the product, its height and how open the edges of the product are desired.