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Kamesh Foot Pipe Converters are a quality and fast solution partner for environmental sources of cylindrical parts with variable diameter.Tanks are used in the rotation of these parts to remove the environmental source of circular parts such as pressure vessels, tower pipes, boilers, tanks, reactors, fuel tanks.The translators have an important place in steel construction workshops because they reduce the use of crane the most, as well as increase the speed and the efficiency by automatic ¹ or by hand sources.With Pipe Converters, operators can easily rotate the workpiece at adjustable speeds to control the workpiece clockwise or counterclockwise precisely via the control panel.The team of pipe translators; It consists of two units, one for motorists and one for riders.Depending on the specific application, the number of motorized and idle units can be changed.Automatic welding is optional.

Standard Features
3 , 5 ve 8 ton kapasite standarttır. Talebe göre opsiyonel üretim yapılmaktadır.
Adjustable rotation speed
Graduated height adjustment
Wireless remote control
Digital speed indicator on the control panel for follow-up
Impact and anti-vibration polyurethane wheels
Braked and cebri fan cooled motors
Optional Features
It has manual and automatic movement on the rail.