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İlan Kodu :M-324264
İlan Türü :Satılık - Sıfır
Fiyat :Fiyat Sor
Üretim Tipi :Marka
Üretim Yılı :new
Görüntülenme :1730
Güncellenme Tarihi :19 Oca 2019
İlan Açıklaması


BETWEEN Ø8mm – Ø32mm 



Total amonut of bar mill with  150.000 Mts/Year production capacity, between  


Detailed information about the bar mill we commit to construct is enclosed herewith.







a)    It will be produced completely 3,6m x 26m in lenght (refrectory knitting and steel workmanship will be included )

b)    Kiln burners and automotion

c)    Kiln air pipes

d)    Kiln shaft

e)    Air heating recuperator

f)     Air fan

g)    Kiln exit side relay and launcher system ( Chain system )

h)   Kiln billet ejector  (Chain system)

i)     Billet pusher to kiln and hydraulic power supply (150 bar 180 litre power supply)

j)      Gas conduits and mounting




a)    1 Piece preparatory leg suited for Ø550 roller, including bearing and its shells Legs to be produced from wax  300x260mm

b)    Triplet box ( E500 )

c)    Reducer ( 1- 9  ~108 d/min. )

d)    Steel cast volant (together with shaft,shells and brake unit, full set )

e)    Preparatory roller ( 1 set ,  3 pieces  , Ø550 x 1600mm )

f)     24056 URB bearing (1 set, 6 pieces )

g)    Preparatory bench and triplet shaft between box (special production with 4 back-ups)

h)   Preparatory bench convertor tol ast pass (motor-driven)

i)     Curtains eases the entry from top pass ,nto bottom pass

j)      T1 preparatory bench bottom chassis special production from steel ( 2 pieces )

k)    Sub chassis for engine, gear box, tr,plet box and volant, special production from steel connectors to chassis and M36 bolts

l)     T1 bench in and out guide boxes

m)  Ø600 elastic coupler and bolts among motor, gear box, triplet box and volant

n)   Shaft holder and apparatus





a)     Kiln back roller table ( 11 m ) and billet ramp

b)     Inter kiln roller table ( 25m )

c)     T1 moving table (pneumatic system) and back table roller table (25m,10m shall be narrow)

d)     Between T1 and H1 roller table ( ~40 m )

e)     Small reducer production for roller tables ( 26 pieces )

f)      Flying shear roller table between platform ( ~23 m )

g)     Roller table between platform and transfer  ( ~70 m )



a)    Fault shears and special tables

b)    Tables and funnels between middle group and roll

c)    Case, feeder and statical convertors of the completed system



a)    H1-2-3-4-5 tandem gear boxes

b)    To be designed by calculating their reductions as E:380mm (5 pieces)

c)    H6-7-8-9-10 tandem gear boxes

d)    To be designed by calculating their reductions as E:360mm (5 pieces)



a)    Rolling stand for middle group (5 pieces). Stands shall be produced from 180x150mm wax. Mm adjustment tray above and clamping shoe system in one direction is included. Shells suited for Ø410x800mm roll felt sealing (20 pieces,1 set), together with suspension spring, suspension bolts and cross bar.

b)    Rolling standfor finish group (5 pieces) stands shall be produced 180x150mm wax. Mm adjustment tray above and clamping shoe system in one direction is included. Shells suited for Ø390 x800mm roll felt sealing (20 pieces,1 set), together with suspension spring, suspension bolts and cross bar.

c)    Sub chassis shall be specially produced for motor, gear box and Rolling stand. Connection wedges and bolt are included (for 10 bencher )

d)    Motor couplers Ø420mm, together with elastic wedge and bolts ( 10 pieces )

e)    Roll for 10 benches Ø410x800mm (1set 20 pieces roll)

f)     24040 URB bearing (1 set, 44 pieces)

g)    Gear box oil pumps 12 pieces

h)   Water exchangers 12 pieces



a)   Cardan shaft for middle group (H1-2-3-4-5 benches) shall be specially produced (12 pieces)  Ø300x2000mm , 2 pcs bac-up.

b)   Cardan shaft for  finish group (H6-7-8-9-10 benches) shall be specially produced (12 pieces)  Ø250x2000mm , 2 pcs bac-up.

c)    Roll cardan shaft connection apparatus (Ø300 - 24 pieces)

d)   Roll cardan shaft connection (Ø250 – 24 pieces)

e)   Shaft holder apparatus (10 pieces)



a)    LOOP (5 pieces, together with loop scanner)

b)    Contini roll aisles




a)    T1 front UM 605 fault shear (1 piece)

b)    Flying shear for cutting products  UM810  (1 piece)

c)    Power supply and hydraulic shears in behind table suitable for cutting last pass

d)    Cold shear 300T

e)    Pneumatic system electro valves


10-                     TEMPCORE

11-                     PINCH ROLL

12-                     42M GRATE PLATFORM GROUP


a)    54m tape way, tape and reducer

b)    Platform reducer in proportion of 7/1 and pneumatic coupling  

c)    Holding arms and aligning rollers


13-                     14 m TRANSFER GROUP


a)    Including pneumatic system chain tranfer




a)    Connecting machine (with PLC Program)

b)    Together with roller table and relase system


15-                     COOLING TOWERS

a-     Tempcore cooling water tower

b-    Oil cooling tower


16-                     ANNHORAGE BOLTS GROUP



a)    M50x1500mm  ( 50 pieces )

b)    M36x1500mm  ( 625 pieces )

c)    M30x1200mm  ( 285 pieces )

d)    M30x1000mm  ( 200 pieces )


17-                     ELECTRIC GROUP

a)    All indoor cables of the system

b)    1250 KW AC motor ( 1 piece )

c)    550 KW DC motor 750/1250d/min.  ( 7 pieces )

d)    630 KW DC motor 750/1250d/min. ( 3 pieces )

e)    Secondary motors

f)     Electirc distribution panels

g)    Compensation panels

h)   DC motor drivers

i)     AC start-up panel

j)      Distribution panels

k)    Automotion panels

l)     Commanding towers

m)  Roller table speed inventors

n)   Packaging PLC Program



18-                     WORKS FOR EMPLOYER


a)       Excavation and concreting works

b)       Middle voltage panels

c)    Temcore line

d)    Rolling water line

e)    Line between Rolling water and exchanger

f)     Installation of iar pipes of all system

g)    Air compressor 17,5m3/min. 90KW Motor 7,5 Bar 

h)      Machines and aquipments for mounting

i)        All expenses related to customs and internal and external transportation of products starting from our factory

j)         500 KW generator

k)       Travel, accommodation and food expenses of the team coming from Turkey


Pictures are representative, there no binding.


According to the settlement plan mounting will start after the following Works:
1- Cable channels
2- Roll,ng, Rolling water and all concreting works
3- Rolling scale, water collection pools, tempcore and exchanger cooling water pools
4- Finishing of sub concretes at the kiln
5- Finishing of transformer building
6- Finishing of sub ground concretes

7- Water, electric and cranes shall be ready



A)   Travel expenses, accomodation and food expenses of the team and all other expenses as well as the mounting equipment


B)   Workshop equiments

10 pieces welding machines

1 piece drilling machine with 32 colums

1 piece plane in 50

1 piece horizontal cutter

1 piece light type universal lathe in 1,5m

1 piece light type universal lathe in 3m

1 piece heavy type universal lathe in 3m

1 piece CNC lathe in 1,5m for pulley and shaft works

2 pieces drill with magnet

As set workshop tools

5 pieces spiral stones


C)   Laboratory and testing devices

Device for measuring stiffness

Analysis device  (Specturemetre)

Pull-of testing device


D)   Cranes

2 pieces 6M 15 tons

1 piece 5M 15 tons

1 piece 6M 10 tons

1 piece 5M 10 tons


We wish you success and hope that you will find our bid in favor. 

150000 tonnes years,

this capacity, 8-10 hours,

16 -18 hours, 300,000 tons year




fiyat ve detaylı bilgi için lütfen istibat kurunuz,



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