Rent Long Armliner Excavator

Ed Makina
Türkiye / İstanbul / Küçükçekmece
Zeynebiye Cad No 72 Halkali
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Production Year :2014
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Ad Description
The Long Boom Excavator Main Areas of use
Caisson wells
                 Loose in drilling wells (rotten , runny and watery ) is a method of training applied in a particular wellbore . Caisson wells in the management of the reach of other business machine is the definitive solution for the long boom excavator .
Digging Deep Excavation
                Long boom excavator tonnage of the extent established , other excavating machinery and excavators of the unattained depths offers employment in too deep or too narrow spot , even in active excavation yapabilmektedir.b properties due to deep excavations in the areas quickly and economically operate .

                  Depth limits may be increased although they are often in sites of vertical depth of 20 feet can work effectively .

                  In metropolitan cities and settlements are common in areas where established , work area are unfavorable in the sites even very easily kullanılır.b In addition to the long boom excavator loading directly to transport vehicles do as a result of the narrow working area , even in effectively enables operation is
Stream - pond Cleanliness
                In our country in recent years to meet growing energy demand in many parts of our country rich stream Hydro Electric Power Plants (HEPP ) studies edilmektedir.b built along existing streams and lakes makes it imperative to be rehabilitated .
                Stream, creek bed expansion - deepening - cleaning as part of the long boom excavator effectively çalışabilmektedir.y where the water level is high to shore with a or the driveway to be parallel streams and similar reasons waterbed access to opportunities are limited, even in cases where work seamlessly can .
Sand Quarry creek
                As is well known in our country many widely riverbed sand and gravel quarry on the reason being established in removal of material from the stream bed , unlike many of the telescopic boom excavator backhoe loader can provide ease of movement .
               Long boom excavator , general purpose scanning area to the operation of an excavator and backhoe are indispensable because of the depth .
Miller Pool Cleaning
Mines , especially aqueous qualifying for systems that are prepared ponds soil over time the accumulation of increasing the miles accumulated pond water level in the reduction of road açmaktadır.perio we periodically miles are accumulated residue in the ponds removal the boom of the excavator used very often a the boom excavator still streaming in studies that can serve as effective
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