Secondhand Cube Sugar Machines.

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ManufacturerC Tipi
Model :C Tipi
Production Year :2008
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Date Updated :01 Aug 2019
Ad Description
we have second hand full automatic R type cube sugar machine, semi-manuel C type of machine, Single wrapping machines.

SA-30 , SA-and Sa 120P-120KP cube sugar Machines, package carton box is designed to produce sugar cubes . SA-60 and SA-120K sometimes when(hard) hard candy machine is designed to produce sugar cubes. Food processing machines manufactured corelated to the standards,designed for hygienic production,the Cr-ni(inox) is a machine that is made using materials. Was designed with ease of use for the user. Every climate and every 24 hours is a machine that is able to produce. May be the size of sugar cubes in the desired Size,10.5 x 16 - 11 x 14.5 - 12 x 12 - in 14 x 14 - 16 x 16......etc is very variable because it measures like sugar,which is the measure of sugar, if used, must be notified together with the machine order. Maximum size candy-30 and 25 mm in ct120p SA-60 ,SA-120K,SA-SA 120KPve-120kpc may be 40 mm. Bag of sugar the machine(or from the store)automatically thanks to electronic control and photocell, the machine so if you are going to use and how much powdered sugar it works when the machine stops, and automatically fill in the silo elevator and stops. The machine automatically becomes compact and a sugar cube sugar(sugar desired hardness removable)drying tunnel automatically in the Cr-Ni(inox)stainless steel wire conveyor through the conveyor tunnel dried drying means(drying is automatically controlled by digital PID tunnels runs dry and is cooled in the cooling unit is ready for packing sugar.unit packaging manual