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General Introduction :

Hydraulic mobile cranes with foldable boom that we produce can move any thing in vertical or horizontal position without any force.

We produce mobile cranes in various capacities subject to number of boom at extension group.

Our mobile cranes are manufactured according to European Standards (EN 12999) and other harmonized standards and safety regulations. Beside this, while operating the crane there are some risks, such as; damaging operator’s life and exposing damage to organs of operator or damaging to crane.

The following points should be considered by operator to minimize risks, to operate the crane safely.

Basic Usage Features :

  • > Our manufactured mobile cranes never must be used to carry people and other living things,

    > It shouldn’t be operated over the capacities shown in lifting diagram,

    > Mobile crane should be operated by personnel who knows any risks and can take required precautions,

    > Cranes must be used only for their designed purposes,

    > Cranes must be used in accordance with stated conditions at all models,

    >  Suitable hook subject to lifting strength should be used, it shouldn’t be operated by other equipments,

    >  At the case of any functional disorder (breakdown), crane must be stopped immediately at breakdown should be removed because it may affect safety of crane and our firm should be informed about disorder,

    >  The load that will be lifted shouldn’t be moved through sweeping, pushing,

    > Any stable things such as tree and pillars never should be tried uprooting by mobile crane.

    > It shouldn’t be used at environments wit h exploitation danger.

    If the crane will be used for other applications except stated in manual, it is suggested to make pre-contract with our firm for any changes at mobile crane and approval writing should be received from our firm. Except those cases, no any change must be applied to our manufactured cranes.

    At the case of using mobile crane except for designed purposes, manufacturer firm or distributor firm cannot be kept responsible against to arising damage or accident. Also, at the case of such case, mobile crane will be excluded from guarantee.

    Misuse risk is resourced completely by the user. If user obeys to the points in this manual, risks are minimized in great capacity.

    You may find suggested and designed working limits in this manual.

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