Hydraulic Concrete Distributor Bw 12

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BW 12 is one of the most preferred products. The structure of the tower crane without any kind of light spot ensures seamless moved the problem.Under the terms of its compliance with a wide range of options for all kinds of construction site, while getting the most appropriate under the terms of the minimum cost of construction site brings the possibility.
Thanks to the modular structure can be easily moved.
Radio Or Wireless Remote Control (Optional)
Thanks to Optimum design of light, although strong.
Economical and reduces costs.
Diesel, Has the option of three gasoline and Electric motor
ÖLÇÜLERİKatlanmış/mmKatlanmış/Length: Width: 2,000 Relocation Relocation Relocation height: 2400 mm mmKatlanmış/8.350
Distribution diameter: 24 mDağıtım area: 460 m2Makine weight: 1,680 kgBalast weight: 1350 kgToplam weight: 3030 kgToplam Bom length: 12.053 mm1.Boom length: 4.783 mm1.Bom Return Capability: 360 ° Endless2. Bum length: 9,850 mm2.The ability to Turn 360 ° 2. Bum Bum: Vertical Movement: 120° (90 ° up, 30 ° down) the elephant's trunk: 3 width: 4060 mm mAyak (end to end) remote control: Wireless opsiyonelHidrolik Tank: 40 litreMaximum System pressure: 200 bar


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