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Date Updated : 28 Dec 2023
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Model : Tg01
Production Year : 2023
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Machine usage areas:
  • Polyurea vehicle coating,
  • When we change the resins put inside, pool building interior and exterior insulation, roof insulation, water insulation
You can use it in tunnels and damp areas. (polyurethane spraying)
What is polyurea?
It is a type of polymer coating known for its high durability and water resistance. This covering material used in vehicle coating aims to increase the protection and aesthetic appearance of the vehicle.
Polyurea coating is applied to the exterior of the vehicle by spray method and is fireproof, resistant to impact, scratches and chemicals. It is also resistant to external factors such as water, rain, snow, salt water and sunlight.
After the polyurea coating is applied, the vehicle's paint, shine and liveliness are preserved for a long time.