Mobil Conveyor Capable of Flexile Motion

Price : 40.000 EUR
Ad Code : M-434606
Ad Type : For Sale - New
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Date Updated : 24 Mar 2023
Production Type : Special Production
Brand Kayzer
Model : Tm-2023
Production Year : 2023
Kayzer Konveyör Makina İmalat San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.
Türkiye - Ankara - Yenimahalle
3710 Cad No: 37/2 Mermerciler Sitesi Yuva Köyü Yenimahalle/ankara Türkiyern
Ad Description
Mobil Conveyor Capable of Flexile Motion This technology gives opportunity in storaging, stocking up, loading, unloading, transfering of packaged or sacked goods by an easier and faster way. By operating input and output conveyors independently and keeping end part parallel in all angular cases, the machine provides confortable loading / unloading processes. Parallelism system is designed by using steel cables to provide much longer running life. Thanks to mobile wolking system of the conveyor, it is possible to change the machine’s position and direction with easy maneuvers without requiring manpower. Front and rear axles has capability of movement independently and this property gives opportunities to change the location and direction of the machine even in small areas. The machine can move like a crab thanks to it’s wheels maneuver capability up to 90 degrees that means fully vertical to the conveyor axis. The long part of the conveyor can rise from 1,2 m up to 9 m (depends on customer demands) by using a hydraulic system which is equipped with scissors to enable whole machine’s running life to become longer and consistent. Scissors system also prevents possible torsions on this long part of the conveyor. This well designed system requires shorter hydraulic cylindir which requires less hydraulic fluid and energy consumption as well. Two independent electric motors (with reducers) are directly accoupled with driving drums which also equipped with speed control devices. This part of our design quaranties much longer running life with more consistent operation.